America will Secede from US!


americansDonald Trump is going to be the next president. Deal with it. He is the revenge of all hard working Americans who watch their retirement funnel into food stamps, and it’s gonna be BAD! If the Republican party trashes his campaign it will implode. They are exposing themselves for what they really are, and I’m surprised. I was stupid enough to think the party really did reflect the will of its members. Who could be more Republican than a billionaire? I could understand the liberal democrats freaking out, but REPUBLICANS? I think we’ve been served a Full Meal Deal by McGovernment.

They do it all the time. Al Quida will destroy all western civilization, no, wait, now it’s ISIS. Blacks are drug addicted gangstas, no, now it’s the cops. Miley Cyrus is a freaky little tramp, uh, hosting a music awards show. Duh! If Obama had a son he’d look like Trayvon. Well, if I’d had a daughter she’d be an ugly little redneck. And the list goes on and on.

If Trump wins the world will turn upside down, or revert to right side up again. China is a world economic power? On what planet does THAT make any sense? Putin is a world class statesman? He’s a freaking KGB agent for Christ’s sake! And don’t even get me started on England, I’m sorry, New Pakistan. They get on us about OUR border, they can’t keep illegals under control and they live on an ISLAND! Sheesh!

This is where political correctness takes you. You end up funding a government agency to probe a little girl because nineteen ARABS flew some airplanes into a building. Wanna know why they blew them buildings up? Because we went over there and GOT them, that’s why! Those idiots would have forever been making rugs and seducing their sisters but NO, welcome to America! And you’re worried about the Mexicans? Mexicans don’t blow up airplanes, they steal the luggage. Not all Mexicans, just the ones who work at the airport. All the other ones don’t fly, they drive Chevys. (Racist enough for you, Jeff?)

Will Trump be good for the country? Probably as good as any other. He’s a Washington outsider, and that won’t float through congress very well. He’s also a New Yorker, and that’s never good. The best we can expect is that he may balance the budget, but heck, all he has to do is write a check. He’ll have to scale his lifestyle down and hang around the White House, and he does have a drop dead gorgeous daughter. She’ll be a welcome relief from that contraption Obama married. I like Obama’s kids so I won’t trash them.

What legacy will Obama leave? Well, gay marriage, that’s one. Saved a ton of money on border patrols. The Jade Helm thing didn’t jell, thank God Texas has militias to protect us. Thanks to him we all know EXACTLY where Kenya Is now. And he gave Joe Biden a job. It all boils down to this. You get Trump or you get  Bush. If you think Hillary has a chance don’t Bogart that joint, pass it around. Everybody else running on the Republican ticket are just a bunch of Looney Tunes. And Rick Perry? Rick Perry is the only man who can make Greg Abbott look good. At least Abbott didn’t get INDICTED when he was attorney general, and that means something, I guess. We have a pervert running Houston, a drunk is the Travis county DA, a crook under charges as Attorney General, and we think we can show America how to run a country. We keep up like this and we won’t have to secede, America will secede from US!

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