Tic Toc



Some issues simply will not die, such as this little twerp up in Irving. I took up his cause initially, but after looking at the whole situation I wiped the pie off my face and realized the political implications. Uh, Muslims, kid, massive publicity, call from Obama, who’d have thought, right? I wish I could get that kind of roll out on one of my books, I’d never work again! Ok, let’s just look at some facts, shall we? Ask yourself, if Suzie Sweetcheeks, blonde haired blue eyed leader of the cheerleader squad had come in with this gadget just what do you suppose would have happened? Ahmed had to parade this contraption around school for six classes before someone said, “WTF!” and called the cops. Then a flurry of media with his father and mother by his side, mom had the appropriate towel on her head, and the school scurried for the cover of political correctness.


Take a look at where this happened. Irving, Texas. There IS a Suzie Sweetcheeks there. She’s the MAYOR, and she shut down the local Sharia court a few months back. The Muslims were quietly setting up an alternative government and she took offense. I think there was even a “This Ain’t Gonna Fly In Texas,” law passed down in Austin, but I may be wrong. Enter CAIR. That’s the Muslim front group that allegedly funds several Islamic groups that would love to blow Texas off the map. Little Ahmed builds his clock, and after the poo poo hits the fan he assumes this air of a young Kunta Kinte. “I SHALL make a drum.”


Ok, he is a brown kid who is a member of a religion that blows stuff up all over the world! Strolls into school with a big box going, “Tic Toc, Tic Toc.” Oh, the thought of terrorism never occurred, right? Did someone say, “Garland?” This was a contrived event. On the surface it’s a boy with a box. One layer under that it’s an effort to expose bigotry. At the core it’s a way to desensitize the school, indeed the public, and the next box won’t be going, “Tic Toc,” it’ll be going, “BOOM!” If this kid was so smart why didn’t he redesign the Apple watch? Why didn’t he make the iCloud link flawlessly with Microsoft? Why didn’t he invent a new way to process goat! He didn’t do that because first of all, the clock was just an existing clock, disassembled and placed in a box, and second, this was all a planned event by CAIR to CAIRry out their agenda.


Of course he said he’s not going back to that high school. Good move, because THAT’S where the bomb is gonna go off. I fully expect to see him on some talk show, with his sister behind him whispering answers of course, and he may even get a reality series. Just like those two zombies in Garland learned, Texans were not born yesterday, and they were not born in the dark. I’d love to say more, but I have to contact Ahmed and see if I can ghost write his upcoming best seller. Hey, I’m not a communist! Tic Toc!


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