The Red Pill: Economics Exposed As Fraud Science


Suspicion Raised By Depth Of Evidence

This is why I wrote Atlas Shouts: Economics fraud is dominating the public discussion.   Now it looks like an abundance of their PHDs are also frauds. In a recent FED audit, half of 67 economics papers were faulty.

“A new economics paper is making the rounds this week, and it has some pretty damning conclusions for the state of the whole subject.

Federal Reserve economists Andrew Chang and Phillip Li set about researching how many of the results published in top economics journals could be replicated — repeating the study and finding the same results.

They looked at 67 papers in 13 reputable academic journals.

The result is shocking: Without the help of the authors, only a third of the results could be independently replicated by the researchers. Even with their help, only about half, or 49%, could.”

There was a 92% failure rate in another study!!!

Playwrite David Mamet Recently Summed It Up For Us:

“Those who promise to relieve us of the burden through their personal or ideological excellence, those who claim to hold the Magic Beans, are simply confidence men. Their emergence is inevitable, and our individual opposition to and rejection of them, as they emerge, must be blunt and sure; if they are arrogant, willful, duplicitous, or simply wrong, they must be replaced, else they will consolidate power, and use the treasury to buy votes, and deprive us of our liberties.”

The Bush Era

The 92% research paper failure rate in 2005 coincides with the socialization of the Banks during the Bush era.  The socialization of the banking system, ostensibly pushed to provide “access” to loans for minorities, coincided with mass dishonesty and lawlessness, trillion-dollar presidential corruption documented here on 60 Minutes:

And here is a report which exposes how Holder and Obama lied about it all:

Suspicion Confirmed

The gravely concerning behavior I discovered as I researched for my investments aligns with the corrupt research findings.    At this point, the American people should wake and up realize why we have a group of liars in Washington:   It takes a liar to run our economic policies , they are easily exposed con games:  Continually reducing interest rates hides the massive repayment issue until it’s too late.  A trap has been set for capitalists.

Latest Gaffe:  $2.7 Trillion of New Debt Appears Overnight

“…..the new sum of debt securities and loans larger than in previous publications.”

“Which means that not only did the Fed stop reporting a consolidated total debt series, it admits that the actual debt was higher. Some $2.7 trillion higher.”

Enter The Rabbit Hole, Take The Red Pill, Or Suffer The Blue Pill

Read more from this author:  “Atlas Shouts” is a 5.0 Star Rated book on Amazon, an Erin Brokavitch (sic) style expository economics study.

John D. Lofgren @ Junto Club:
Author of “Atlas Shouts”  #13 rated Money book on Amazon:

Atlas Shouts, The Movie:



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John Lofgren spent over 10 years researching US economic history, identifying best practices, and exposing findings in public forums in researching his well reviewed book, "Atlas Shouts". John earned degrees from the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida. A computer engineer, he holds five patents and has thirty years of design experience in electronics and design automation. He is also an accomplished lead singer and guitarist in a Motown/Classic Rock band.