Islamic Armies Invading Europe, Obama-style Islamic Invasion Underway


Contact Your Governor and State Representatives, An Invasion is Underway

It’s time to get serious folks, Islam is again invading the west.  Armies of fighting-age men are appearing as “refugees” in Europe, one estimate is 680,000 people, taking advantage of open borders to create the silent, weaponless invasion.


“If We Don’t Find A Solution Today, It’s The End Of The European Union”

Socialism.  Always.  Fails.  This article details the “refugee” routes and crisis their “health care provider-governments” are precipitating on their people with their open-borders policy.


Japan Did A Peaceful Invasion of China – Followed by Mass Slaughter

“Under orders from Lieutenant General Jirō Tamon, troops of the 2nd Division moved up the rail line and captured virtually every city along its 730-mile length in a matter of days, occupying Anshan, Haicheng, Kaiyuan, Tiehling, Fushun, Szeping-chieh, Changchun, Kuanchengtzu, Yingkou, Antung, and Penhsihu.”

Europe Is Now Scrambling For…..Guns

“He claims the stock has been sold out for the last three weeks and that demand is being fueled by fears generated by social changes. “People want to protect themselves,” Mayer said. “Nonetheless, the most common purchasers of arms are primarily Austrian women.” ”

US Press Has Plenty of Whistle-blowers Citing Corruption

We know the press is hiding information from us, here are 25 links of insiders, including a two time Pulitzer Prize winner and a New York Times editor, citing coercion and bullying and news-hiding by editors:

Thirty Grenade Attacks In Sweden, US News Omits Coverage

Thirty grenade bombings of the healthy citizens does indicates PROTECTING is not happening in Sweden.   Handing out is NOT protecting.

Polls From Islamic Countries Indicate Heavy Support For Jihad

2+ 2 = ???  ….  Do The Math

Isn’t it interesting:  Europe has an invasion of illegals just after Obama organizes an invasion of illegals into the US.

Just after Obama has secret meetings with Muslim Brotherhood, and just after his own cabinet staff is wonder where he is and why he doesn’t talk to them, we have an identical, organized invasion in Europe.

“According to CBS News White House reporter Mark Knoller, the Cabinet met 19 times in Obama’s first term and four times in the first 10 months of his second term. That’s once every three months or so”

Read more:

Dr. Savage Sees The Historical Precedence

“Hitler was a psychopath,” Savage said, who “invaded other countries to impose his nation’s, let us say, his distorted values and race on other countries.”

“What is Obama doing?” Savage asked. “He’s invading his own country with people of other races and other cultures and other languages to wipe away the predominant language, the predominant culture of his own nation. He is equally mad.”

“Barack Obama is as equally mad as Adolf Hitler in that regard,” Savage emphasized.

Duh Johnson of DHS – Our National Security Organization – Has No Details

Review the comments of Jeh “Duh” Johnson, what does he think about the most likely extremists from Syria?

Duh……he openly admits he doesn’t know.  This looks like the “conscientious stupidity” MLK talked about, to me.

“During a keynote speech at the Missouri college where Winston Churchill made his famous “Iron Curtain” speech seven decades ago, Johnson offered no clarity on how quickly the vetting of the 10,000 refugees from the war-torn country that the U.S. plans to accept during the coming year will be done, or whether it can be expedited.”


Read more from this author, and hear his interview on the Earl Hall Show.  “Atlas Shouts” is a 5.0 Star Rated book on Amazon, an Erin Brokavitch (sic) style expository economics study.

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