Paris – The Final Alarm Has Sounded


The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots

By Craig Andresen

The horrific nature of the events, as they unfolded in Paris a couple of nights ago, have shed the glaring light of truth on the absurdity under which we live. The real questions are these…at what point will we finally open our eyes and how much of this must be endured before we wake the hell up?

Islamic terrorist attack after Islamic terrorist attack takes place. They take place in our country, in France, in Spain, in England, in Bali and around the globe and for a few, brief moments, we open one eye, decry the acts and then…then we roll over and go back to sleep.

Yes…we have fought wars but it is how we have been forced to fight those wars that raise more questions then they answer.

We have the strongest military on earth but…

hell-2We train them, give them weapons, hardware, software, machines capable of killing from a great distance, machines capable of killing by remote control, the most advanced ships to ever sail on or under the oceans of the world, planes so advanced then can enter, engage and leave air spaces without being seen by radar and we have the greatest machines of war who wear boots on the ground.

We have all of that and then some and yet we send our men and women in uniform off to far-flung places…trained and equipped to kill and destroy our enemies but we tell them to…play nice…be polite as they go about their missions…do not offend those we have sent you to kill and destroy…win their hearts and minds and before you squeeze that trigger…get permission…say please and do as little harm as possible.

It is absolutely absurd.

hell-3There is no such thing as a politically correct war and there is absolutely no way in hell to kill your avowed enemy with kindness.

Islam…an ideology, not a religion, came calling in Paris once again last Friday night and left more than 130 dead and more than 300 wounded…at a soccer game, at a restaurant, at a mall, at a bar and in a concert hall.

An army of maybe a dozen, maybe as few as eight, actively took part in creating carnage through Paris last Friday night and who the hell knows how many more were assisting them via planning, transportation and logistical support? Those Islamists who didn’t die Friday night have now, for now, slipped into the darkness…blended back into the mix to remain under cover until called on again to create more carnage.

Barbarians have once again declared war on civilization…civilization has once again opened one eye, vowed a “merciless war” and once again, those who think they know better how to win such a war than do those who have trained for a lifetime to exact death and destruction upon our enemies…are crawling from the woodwork like cockroaches when the lights go out telling us all that we must be careful, we must not be too destructive and we must…MUST not offend those who follow the ideology of Islam in the process.

hell-4We must not OFFEND those whose ideology preaches genocide? We must not offend those whose ideology advocates locking people in cages and setting them afire? We must not offend those whose ideology promotes beheadings, crucifixions, stonings, throwing people from roof tops, cuts off people’s hands and feet, pays the families of children to let their sons and daughters were explosive vests and detonate them, flies planes into buildings, bombs trains, markets and executes cartoonists and concert goers?

WE…must not offend…THEM?

It’s akin to saying we shouldn’t eradicate cancer because cancer has feelings too.

Not only that but…we must also follow the politically correct agenda and welcome these barbarians, by the millions, into our civilized nations? Why? Because they are “refugees?” They are NOT refugees…what they are is jihadis and they are being sent by their ideology to invade and destroy civilization from the inside.

But, we are told, by bleeding hearts that it would be barbaric and immoral to turn them away.

Oh really? Ask Francois Hollande how moral and civilized those barbarians were in Parishell-5last Friday night and how many bleeding hearts bled out because of them. Make no mistake…the events in Paris were planned in Paris and as such, it was an inside job.

How can I say that with any degree of certainty?

Because there was reportedly no chatter, no international chatter picked up by any intel communities regarding the plans for turning the streets of Paris into a bloodbath last Friday night and that sort of coordination and synchronization doesn’t come without a whole lot of planning. That means that rather than use phones and emails to make their deadly plans…those particular barbarians met face to face and set their plan in motion without ever so much as a key-stroke.They entered France via the European Union’s open border policy, through Brussels, and they were never vetted because there is no way TO vet these “refugees” as no records for them exist at the point of origin.

That said…we must follow the politically correct “rules of engagement” and fight a civilized war against these 7th century barbarians?

Well screw that.

There should be but one “rule of engagement…”


Damn the touchy-feely hand-wringing over possible collateral damage. We’re talking about barbarians who use our political correctness against us at every turn. They hide, like cowards, in hospitals, schools and apartment buildings and use innocent people…women and children…as human shields because they know that civilization is loathe to bomb those places. The barbarians hold their war councils in mosques because they know that civilization is loathe to bomb a house of worship. A house of WORSHIP? No…those are nothing but war rooms where the barbarian’s generals meet and plan their attacks and who gives a happy damn how many “civilians” get lit up anyway?

There is a damn good reason why these 7th century barbarians hold hell-7 (1)sway over civilians in ever Middle Eastern butt-crack of a country…because they have those civilians terrorized. If those civilians speak out, if they speak up, if they provide intel against the barbarians, they will be killed, their families will be killed and their neighbors will be killed. Those civilians are too terrified to take action, to point the barbarians out and to fight against them.

How do we fight that? Simple…we make those civilians more terrified of us than they are of the barbarians. We let them know that if they are willing to be used as human shields…they are dead already and we won’t give a rat’s ass about raining hell down upon them. We send to them the unmistakable message that their life expectancy is greater in helping us destroy our enemy because our enemy is also their enemy and when they do assist us, when they do take action, we will do everything we can to protect them or avenge them.

We, as a civilized society need to leave no doubt that barbarism has no place anywhere in the civilizehell-8 (1)d world and that any and all who either embrace the ideology of 7th century barbarism as well as those who protect the purveyors of it are nothing but dead men walking.

Never before has foreign policy been more at the forefront of an election and we have but one chance left to stand for civilization against the barbarians at the gate. Right now, we have no leader as our “president” is aligned with the barbarians. Obama will do nothing of substance against the global threat to civilization because he wants us all to believe the weather is a greater threat. Obama has paved the road for ISIS and Islamists across the Middle East and in North Africa. He has created vacuums of power to be filled by 7th century barbarians and he has seen to it that Islamists will be armed with nuclear weapons.

Right now, civilization’s most forceful leader against the barbarians is a shell-9 (1)tatist thug from Russia, a mobster, but at least he is willing, at some level, to take the fight to them but in doing so, he has allied himself with Iran and that will not end well for the civilized world as Iran, armed with nuclear weapons, is as big a part of the problem as is ISIS.

We, and the world, deserve a leader who will stand FOR freedom and AGAINST the barbarians…a leader whose only acceptable goal is the utter destruction OF the barbarians and one who will once again stand WITH our allies against OUR enemies and theirs and no liberal running for the office will do that.

One our side, we have three who are ready, willing and prepared to take the fight directly to the enemy…Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina. Any one or combination of them can and will do what needs to be done…the rest seem mired in either making deals or being politically correct and neither of those agendas will destroy the enemies of civilization.

I can hear the question now…if we choose the course of action I suggest above…how would we be different from the barbarians?

hell-10 (1)I have been told not to hate the sinner but to hate the sin…in other words…we can defeat the Islamists by hating their ideology by hugging that ideology out of them.

What a load of crap.

Let me put it this way…

How are we more moral or more civilized by allowing these 7th century barbarians to kill innocent people and destroy the civilized world?

We’re talking about war here…a war that has long been declared BY the 7th century barbarians…in fact, they have BEEN at war with the civilized world for 1400 years and I submit that during a war, and in the theaters of war, are neither the time nor place to be polishing our halos.

The open borders crowd who calls me a racist and an extremist has seen the outcome of their politically correct agenda and they can count their success by counting the body bags yet they are completely unwilling to locate the direct line between the outcome and the cause.

Civilized nations simply cannot go-along, get-along with barbarians whose idehell-11 (1)ology both preaches and delivers nothing but death and destruction. There IS no common ground to either be looked for or found and what they brought with them to Paris will be brought by them…here, there and everywhere so it is not just some other nation’s problem…it is the problem of ALL civilized nations.

Islam and its Islamists can go to hell and if we are to be counted as one of the civilized nations on earth…we need to do everything in our power to expedite their journey forthwith.