My friend, Scott Binsack touched on a subject last night during his nightly Facebook live feed that was deeply personal for him. Several years ago he had a near death experience that changed his life, and from which he drew inspiration that has redirected his understanding of what that life is supposed to be. During his show I was having an ongoing discussion via PM with my other friend, Michael Brown who also has run a show on BlogTalk Radio, and Michael took exception to what Scott was trying to articulate. Now, first off, that’s just Michael. I have my style, and he has his, and that is that.

Normally, Scott is very forceful, very direct, and very strong. This subject simply touched him somewhere that he doesn’t expose often. That, combined with his reaching for an explanation made him seem a little out of his element, which is not putting him down at all. I, myself, recently did some reflection on if I should appear on Tommy’s Garage, knowing that my forte is writing, and not wanting to appear as a quacking duck to several million people, but it just so happens that I’ve written a book on this very subject, Sharon, and I’m going to expound the subject Scott was alluding to for you here.

Verily, verily, I say unto Thee, if thou art mystified, thou doesn’t understand the trick. Once upon a time I knew a woman. Back then I was a “Hail Mary” Catholic, and she was a “mystic.” We’d meet at Saint Joseph’s in Killeen, pray the Rosary together, and she’d launch into a rambling dialog about her understanding of the faith. I was spell bound. What I didn’t know was that God was setting the stage to draw me into a deeper understanding of who He really was.

Not long after meeting “Susan” I began to write the book I mentioned. At first it was to be a great epic telling the world about her. That’s not the way it turned out. As I typed the words the character who was originally patterned after Susan, began to take on a life of her own, and she began to speak to me from the pages of the book. I would get up each morning, throw open the French Doors in my bedroom and begin to write. Sometimes a chapter, sometimes a paragraph, sometimes only one line, but there was no “filler” in this book. Everything had weight, and a lot of it I didn’t understand.

The most amazing thing was “Sharon” contradicted almost everything “Susan” had told me. In later years I’ve had priests and theologians more knowledgeable than I tell me that there are seven signs embedded in the book, but for the life of me I can’t find them. The plot of the book is simple, actually. A young, revivalist Baptist Preacher comes upon a nineteen year old girl, Sharon, during the last revival of the season. She shows up riding a little yellow motor scooter, and sits in the second row of the tent. After the first meeting she invites him to a church garden for a series of discourses, in which she introduces him to a vastly different understanding of spirituality than he was talking about on the stage. Her message is selflessness, and the universal omnipotence of God.

By then end of the week’s revival the preacher is profoundly affected by this girl, and his feet on a far different path than when he first arrived. I won’t reveal the entire plot to you, but there are scenes that still rock me to this day. One such scene involves Sharon asking a series of teens, meeting with her in the little garden what love was to them. There is one teen girl who pushes back, and refuses to answer. Sharon skips her, understanding that there is some turmoil within her that makes her so withdrawn. When the little meeting concludes, and the kids are leaving, the girl turns, looks at Sharon and the preacher, and says, “What is love? Love is when you pray the Rosary every day to die instead of your sister, because she has cancer!”

I don’t believe I was “inspired” when I wrote this book. I most certainly didn’t find any golden tablets, and not one single angel appeared to me in any cave. What I found was the lies, manipulation and hypocrisy of organized religion. I became a fallen away Catholic. I believe, in his own way, Scott met Sharon during his three minute near death experience. You have to read the book to find what she is to you. I am going to give you my understanding.

We have a Muslim problem. This is a problem with an organized “religion” if you can even call it that, not a problem with God. Now, this next part is going to be harsh, but you’ll feel better in the morning. Organized religion is just an effort to control the masses. Don’t look for God there because He is not there. All that is there is man. 666, Man, Man, Man! Go to Google and check out numerology. You’ll feel better in the morning. This was the message of Jesus, and the message of Sharon. Mohammed did not see an angel in a cave, and Joseph Smith did not find any golden tablets in the woods. There is a difference between “Prophet” and “profit.” What these two guys found was a clever way to con people out of their gold. And I’m sorry to say that they are just two of a host of con men who have used the same game plan over, and over, and over again.

One billion believers simply cannot all be evil. Most just practice the faith they have been taught since birth, believing people they deem wiser than themselves. Most are just normal people. The loud, the obnoxious, the hateful get on CNN. The Main Stream Media doesn’t make any money, or ratings showing Muslims quietly praying, or Baptists having a pot luck dinner. They make their bones with bombs, bodies and blood.

The Muslim community has got to come to the realization that the volatile section of Radical Islam is so dangerous to the rest of the world that they, the “good” Muslims need to handle it, or we, the rest of humanity will have to handle it for them. Donald Trump’s idea of stemming Muslim immigration is a good one for one reason. It forces the hand of Muslims everywhere to address their problems. God gathers, Satan scatters. Contrary to what ISIS believes, Islam, and Sharia Law will not dominate the world. These are the results of a diseased mind, but all Muslims are not diseased. They just want to work, live and pray, and like everyone else, hope in their final hour they are right!

In conclusion I will quote the book one more time. After the first meeting in the tent, Sharon gets on her little scooter, starts to drive away. The preacher, knowing nothing else to say asks her, “Have you found Jesus?” She looks at him, smacks her gum and replies, “I didn’t know He was lost.” She putters away in the mists.

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