Day Ain’t Over Yet



“Day ain’t over yet.” Jack Palance uttered those timeless words in the movie, “City Slickers.” Last night the numbers rolled in from New Hampshire, and this morning Donald Trump was rolling in them like a pig in slop (sorry Donald, I’m from Texas.) Cruz, Tea Party darling, handed the Donald his face in Iowa, and yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, he cheated, he lied, Ben Carson really won, get over it. Those farmers took one look at Trump, and then Ted’s boots and cast their votes. Then we headed for New England, and those fine folks voted for one of their own. Contrary to my usual approach I am including a graph for the intellectual minded.

I think there were some folks running on the other side of the political spectrum, and I understand they voted for some old hippy whom passed nothing but gas in his three or four decades inside the Beltway, and of course, Bonnie Parker Clinton didn’t do as well as her connections expected. The bad news is she is still walking around free, the good news is that now we know precisely how many potheads there are in New Hampshire.

Donald TrumpSo let’s take a look at this. Geography lesson: America is made up of regions. I told ya’ll that once, remember? People hanging out on Wall Street have absolutely nothing in common with some guy in California waiting to catch a wave. Human nature: People tend to side with people that look like them. I know, I’m a racist, swat them bees. Between “Thiod and Thoity-Thoid Street, and Long Beach there are literally hundreds of different flavor Americans, and they will go with whomever voices their interests. It’s called, “Politics.” Remember you heard that here first.

I don’t know why Cruz even bothered with New Hampshire. Trump was in his back yard, he talked to the constituency up there and they did what constituents do. As we move across the nation you will see the balance of power rock back and forth, as each candidate parlays to the various special interest groups that buy into whatever flavor they are serving up. Kapish? Trump will get the exact same whipping from Cruz when Texas chimes in as Cruz got in New Hampshire. What makes politics work, boy, is that an oxymoron, politics, work, anyway, I digress, what makes politics seem to work is after it is all said and done, hopefully, we get a reasonably vetted, homogenized candidate that will basically appeal to all groups so as in the end we don’t have a Mosque set up in the White House, or efforts to that effect.

Ted CruzI can call New York, and California because they are galvanized. New York prints the money, Cali spends it. Now places like, say, New Mexico, I’m at a loss. First off, everyone in New Mexico is crazy, that’s why they’re living in New Mexico. What’s that? New Mexico? A new improved Mexico? They don’t have that many Electoral Votes anyway. East California, Arizona isn’t much better, and with places like this it will be a toss-up between Cruz and Trump. Utah will go for either because they are not going to vote for an old hippy or Yoko Ono’s former lover.

The song remains exactly the same. Ted Cruz is a politician, and Donald Trump isn’t. When it comes to a head to head between them where political savvy is required, Cruz will win. Where facts and common sense are required, Trump will take the lead. All the others on that stage the other night, Day is over for them!

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