Radical Islam

Nazareth Cafe

Nazareth Cafe

Radical Islam. I said that because I wanted this article to be as politically incorrect as possible. Yesterday, in Ohio, we were again entertained by the “Religion of Peace.” Mohammed Barry decided to take a machete and start chopping away at patrons in a place called the Nazareth Café. Interesting note is the owner is a Christian from Israel. Anyway, Mohammed went nuts, and did exactly what all Muslims do when they go nuts, which is kill someone. Bad news is that some people got hurt, but not killed, good news is that when the “Servant of Allah” lunged out of his car, after leaving the café, an attacked a police officer, he was promptly issued his seventy-two virgins.

I want you to take special note in the above I said, “All Muslims.” I meant that. Until they get a grip on things all Muslims need to be suspect, and all Muslims need to be deported. Politically incorrect enough for you? Now that you Muslims have tasted my mutton, how do you like it, huh? We have gotten so stupid in this country that some guy named Weiner, hey, that’s rich, Weiner, anyway, Weiner said, “There was no rhyme or reason as to who he was going after. Right now there’s nothing that leads us to believe that this is anything but just a random attack.”

OH MY LIVING GOD! Ok, “Weiner,” the “rhyme or reason was someone in the café was probably eating a ham sandwich. I particularly like when the police continually refer to the dead camel jockey, with the knives in his hands as a “suspect.” I “suspect” he came here to do exactly what he did, which is to kill anyone he could because he was what. . . Radical Islam!

These people have not, and will never assimilate into western society. They don’t want to. They not only hate us, they hate each other. They will not be happy until Paris, New York, Dallas, and L.A. are exactly the same sewer that Islam has made of every other nation they have dominated since Mohammed slithered out of his cave and commenced to marrying five year old girls. I don’t even watch ISIS executions anymore, not because I’m a sensitive guy, but in the words of Hillary, “What difference does it make?” None, nada, no difference what so ever because the liberal west has decided that they can stop the mayhem by ignoring it or renaming it. And the Imam in the White House continually reinforces this lunacy.

Hey, funny note: Barry was on an FBI watch list. Remember when I said the FBI was a joke? I mentioned that they could find a pubic hair in a gas station in North Hollywood, and conclude that Shirley Temple killed JFK? Well, like the homeboys say in Killeen, “WHOMP. . . Dey it is!” Wanna know why they hadn’t zeroed in on Barry? Because they were too busy arresting that dangerous terrorist, Cliven Bundy out in Portland because he’d written a letter to Obama telling him the constitution still applies, that’s why!

Now, let’s address another issue. There was a subliminal in the article. An employee grabbed “something” from beneath the counter and stopped the attack. No one is addressing that, but since practically everyone else was running, or throwing chairs, just what do you suspect the employee grabbed. Could it be a gun, perhaps, we don’t know, but I’d say is was a bit more than a spatula. I’m not even going to jellyfish here, but I’m going to let you know, if I’m sitting there having a burger, and some nut comes in waving a two foot knife, I’m going to shoot him right between his beady little eyes and try to act like I’m not having a good time.

The message is simple. These people don’t fit in. These people come from a failed culture of death. Their religion is not a religion, it is a system designed by a mad man, and if you want to live, when any Muslim comes into a public place you need to go to code red right then and forget about being nice, correct, or uninvolved. If there are “moderate” Muslims, and I seriously doubt that, they’d better police their shop, because from Ohio, to Austin, to L. A. there are Americans who will!

Before doing this article, I made my morning coffee run to a local convenience store, and as I was leaving, an Arab came in. He was smiling, greeted me, and went to the coffee. I smiled back, looked at his hands, watched closely, and eased out the door to my car where my gun was. Hey, dude. . . just playing by the rules you set. Radical Islam!

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