The Great Peace



The Great Peace is the era that historians say we are living in right now. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. WWII was the most costly, destructive war in history. When you look at military, and civilian deaths, the totals are astronomical. The Nazis had this bad habit of taking over a country, and then proceeding to impose their “social structure” upon the population which basically meant less population. The Russians lost more than anyone else, with the US coming in second. When the first atom bomb went off something strange happened. As the ashes settled, the rich nations came to the realization that first of all, the planet couldn’t stand another such war, and next, the bomb itself was a controlling factor.

After that there were wars, and rumors of wars, but they were mainly rich nations meddling with poor ones, and interference with civil wars which really made no difference on the world stage anyway. The entire Vietnam debacle made absolutely no difference to the history whatsoever! It was all to “stop the spread of communism,” but in the end the takeover of that one little strip of land didn’t affect one cup of coffee on Wall Street. That is a fact! And this is not to minimize the sacrifice of our men and women. It just demonstrates what happens when you follow rhetoric instead of facts.

So, how sturdy is the Great Peace? There is one threat to it, the demise of the United States. If America continues on the course that it’s on, and ceases to be a world power, the restraining influence will be removed and despots like Hitler can proliferate again, leading the world into another Great War, and boys and girls, that war we will not survive! Don’t believe me? I give you the Roman Empire! Yeah, yeah, yeah, they had faults, but they also ruled with an iron hand, and once that hand was stilled Europe fell into disarray, and of course, here came the Muslims. With the Magna Carta, the rise of Protestantism, and the French and American revolutions, mankind worked its way toward a new understanding, the epitome being the American experiment.

Democracies are unusual, in that they are fragile. Greece had a great democracy, Rome had a great republic. As freedom filters down through the years it becomes diluted. Everyone is free, so long as they don’t interfere with the freedom of others, and after time that very freedom will untie the knots bound by the founders. Some change is good. Dr. King marching to bring black people up to a standard was good. Black lives mattering is not good. By saying, “Black Lives Matter,” you are basically admitting that all other lives don’t matter.

Iran poses a threat, but not so much as you may think. While they struggle toward their bomb, Russia and the US stand ready to give them one, and forget North Korea. We do not need to fall back on the idea of stemming communism, it’ll stem itself. For all of their posturing, and firing their bottle rockets into the air they simply don’t have enough food to eat! It is highly unlikely that one of their missiles would ever even reach Japan before it is shot down, and one of the Super Powers returns the favor, and no, that will not be a major war, it’ll be a head’s up!

ISIS? Let me pose this. If you are around in thirty years you’ll be lucky if you can find that term in any child’s history book. ISIS is publicity! They don’t win major battles, and every time they come up against anything like an organized army, they lose! If you look at a graph of deaths during and after WWII you can’t even find their numbers. ISIS, in fact all Radical Islam, plays upon the political correctness movement. They slowly creep into a nation that they did not build, and begin to deconstruct it with Sharia Law, the Qu’ran, and all the trimmings, but they are not the majority. Most Muslims will fall in step behind them so long as it’s easy. The moment a population stands up, they’ll all go back to their “Quickie Marts,” where they belong! These people did not form a great civilization, and are not going to be around in the next millennium.

The rise of Catholicism, and subsequent development of Protestant Christianity will be a major player. Influences such as Pope Francis will come and go. The Body of Christ is the total of believers, and that does not follow the lead of any one man, it follows the words of Jesus. There will always be some division, but the overall concepts of Christianity simply work!

If America is going to survive it must hold to the Constitution. The rule of law is paramount. The Constitution was arrived at after due consideration by men who had taken on the greatest military power in the world, and they were fully aware that if they were to become great that they, too, would fall into the same error that the British Empire fell into, so they put chains on the government, and those chains were the Constitution. When liberals say that this document is old, or out of date, it is not! That’s why the founding fathers provided for amendments, as situations change, and the nation evolved, but some concepts were set in stone. You can express ideas without fear of reprisal, you have a right to protect yourself from your fellows, and most importantly, the government!

There is one other factor in all this. Texas! The Texas movement is not so much a revolution as a reinstatement of the rule of law. We’ll just borrow the Constitution, they’re not using it at the time. Then, hopefully, other regions of the country will do the same, and when it’s all over we’ll have a truly United sovereign States, each independent of all the others, yet each with common language, economics and culture. If the US as we know it were to dissolve tomorrow, do you really think people in New York would stop eating steak, or Kansas would stop growing wheat? Do you really think families would not cross state lines and create commerce?

This will be tricky. There are many envious nations, and cultures that would just love to be where we are. Just remember, most of them cannot provide a clean glass of water to their people, not matter what Mohammed said! You can see Israel’s right to survive from space. The political boundaries are clearly defined by agriculture.  Everything else is just what Mohammed found, desert! These people are not productive, and they will make no difference in history in the long run. As the Texas oil fields come back alive their myth of Arab superiority will fade. The entire Syrian situation is just one more publicity stunt from a dying culture bent on its own destruction. There’s nothing there, folks, just move on. There will always be little groups rattling their chains, but when you look at that timeline you will quickly see that they simply don’t register. They are only good for YouTube clicks, but shucks, my daughter in law Jackie got those. Guess she was a prophet, too.

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