Slobber and Vote

Slobbering dog

Slobbering dog

Slobber, vote. When watching politics one must remember that. Donald Trump is unique in politics in that I cannot recall someone not versed in politics coming this close to nomination for the top slot. There is a vast array of contenders, agreed one less this morning. (Bye bye Bush “die-nasty.) There are ideals, prejudice, and historical influences that play into the mix, and folks, that never changes.  I’d like to begin by exploding a myth, and losing a couple million subscribers. Obama didn’t divide the country. WE did! The first black president just removed a band aide, and exposed the innate racism that was always there. (Tip of the hat to Kent Franks.) Politicians use racism, and boys and girls, it works! In Austin there is a painting, “Dawn at the Alamo,” and creeping up behind Col. Travis is a leering, crouching Mexican. Cartoon caricatures of Japanese in WWII had slits for eyes, and huge buck teeth. People are attracted by like people are repelled by UNlike people, to which when they are repelled they will assign attributes to those people, and if they can’t come up with any, a politician will be more than happy to fill in the blanks for them.

Donald Trump is a bell ringer. The general population is just a bunch of Pavlov’s dogs. You ring the bell, they Slobber at the mouth, and they vote. “Hope and change!” Slobber . . . vote! “Free college,” Slobber. . . vote!” “Them Meskins are the whole problem!” Slobber . . . vote!” Is this a bad thing? Not really. You have to get a certain amount of “Slobber, Vote” if you ever expect to gain office. This is how politics works. The trick is to demonize the other guy’s Slobber voters while elevating theirs! All Sanders supporters are a bunch of homosexual potheads, but Trump supporters are all New York stock brokers. See how that works? And all politicians play that good ol’ race card! Oh, they do it low key. They just count heads and demonize the losers by dodging the issue. Sometimes, it’s just a word. “Immigration.” Slobber. . . vote!)

“Oh, Wilbur, you just called most of the voting population a flock of ignoramuses!” Well, yeah. Only about three percent of the voters do so from an informed position. Informed being knowing what they want, and fully aware that any candidate is only going to deliver about a tenth of what they promised, but will go with the lesser of two evils. I don’t even know what the percent of voters are on food stamps, but I’m sure it out numbers the afore-mentioned employed voters, and boys and girls, the welfare vote is not predominantly black! Whites comprise 62.6% of the US population, while black run up to 13.2%. Unless you are a functional idiot you must conclude that the blacks simply do not have the sheer numbers to outrun us crackers down to the welfare office.

There has always been an awareness of our different backgrounds. We need to change “awareness” to “appreciation.” When a person my age even mentions this awareness young people cry, “RACISM,” because they don’t know anything else. They have been trained by their handlers to believe that is the trump card for any discussion, and if they can attach that tag to any candidate you get, “Slobber . . . vote!” While Sanders people are slobbering after “free stuff” Trump supporters are slobbering after Mexicans.

And Hillary. Do you want to know what’ll happen if she gets elected? Exactly what happened the last time she took office. Nothing! This woman has never achieved anything except a date with Yoko Ono. She lost her law license in 2002 for not competing her “MCE” (mandatory continuing education.) Now it’s uh, 2016! She’s a tad out of date, but shucks folks, it’s an Arkansas law license. Hey, Arkansas legal question: If you are married in Arkansas, and divorced in Arkansas, are you still brother and sister? All jokes aside, this woman has never done a thing in her life except marry Bill, and even he had to find a date. She comes up with nice little sound bites before congressional hearings, “What does it matter?” In public she smiles knowingly, but in private cusses like a sailor. I don’t know if she has a drinking problem, but I do know she can’t walk a straight line without falling and bumping her head, but no harm done, there’s nothing vital there. She is falling prey to the same thing that took Jeb Bush out last night; the unbending faith that the machine will pull her through, and it might. Slobber. . . vote!

Ted Cruz. Ted is a wild card. He knows how to play the game. And he’s not playing. If Ted had had his way a couple years ago he’d have put the entire government in the unemployment line. He knows the constitution, believes in God, America, and mom’s apple pie. Naturally he offends gays, illegal immigrants, movie stars, and Michael Moore. While these people have no problem at all with Obama’s lineage, they’re all bent out of shape by Ted’s father, birthplace, and skin tone. Hey, if a witch doctor from Kenya can be president so can Ted. At least he doesn’t believe that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain for Pharaoh. Sorry, Dr. Carson, but you really said that. (Is he still running?) Both Trump and Cruz demonstrate something that’s been coming for a long time. Remember that pendulum I told ya’ll about a long time ago. Well, it’s swinging back to the right. It has to go all the way to the right before it turns around again, and comes back. It never stops in the middle, folks. Slobber, vote! Trump has a huge following, and Cruz knows just how to take it, and run with it. Did anyone say, “Iowa?” And don’t give me that stuff about dirty tricks, or cheating, he just won!

The only way Bernie Sanders will take the nomination is if Hillary dies and her body disappears. If they still have the body, the Democrats will nominate that. Maybe they could elect the body, and just let Bill do the job. That’ll work. Anyway, wanna know why Romney didn’t win? ‘Cause he was a Mormon, that’s why. I pointed that out way back when he through his hat in the ring ink 2011, and years later the MSM tenderly approached that simple fact. Just understand, Sanders won’t win. Those who have ears, let them hear.

Hillary’s got the machine, Trump has the numbers, and Cruz has the know-how. That’s how it really breaks down.  When the gate opens, and the ponies run, you will see lots of sex, lies, and video tape. Hillary will wave aborted fetuses, Cruz will wave the Bible, and Trump will wave his wallet. On the first Tuesday of November the bells will ring, the polls will open, and the population will. . . Slobber and vote. God save the King!

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