Teddy Bear and the Trump Machine


TrumpLet me tell you a story called Teddy Bear and the Trump Machine. I have a friend. Not going to tell you his name, just call him, “Teddy Bear.” Teddy Bear has a talent. He gets into places where people don’t want him to get into. Whenever anyone tries to keep him out it just tweaks his interest, and he digs all the harder. And Teddy will work for anyone, the Pope, cartels, mothers against condoms, it don’t matter, Teddy is there. I’ve known Teddy for forty years, and he’s my best friend.

Teddy has a perfect cover, and no, I’m not going to tell you what it is, but suffice to say it gets him around, and gives him access when no one expects it. Oh, and Teddy has a doctor’s degree. He just don’t look like it. Now, let me ask you a question. Think back on how many Trump campaign signs you’ve seen. Take your shoes off if you need to, but you won’t have to. I haven’t seen one! Stadiums full of people, and not one bumper sticker.

In this country there are byways, and hiways. The interstate system binds the major population areas, but there is another system that we tend to ignore. All those little two lane farm to market roads that connect the rest of the country.  You’ve seen them. Those places you veer off from the interstate because of some detour, end up in some town called Centerville, and you fill ill at ease going through the one blinking light that graces the downtown. In those towns lies the answer to the results of the 2016 presidential election.

In those towns you will see signs of Donald Trump. In those towns you will see people sitting on rocking chairs, chewing on straws, watching as you pass by, and they know that you’re not one of them. In those towns the silent majority isn’t keeping quiet anymore. So, Teddy Bear stops for a burger in Centerville. He comes upon a parking lot full of RVs, busses with trailers behind them, men with suits, and walkie talkies, and tons of people chewing on straws, looking at you. He asks what the occasion is, and in short order he’s told that it’s none of his business. Taking the cue, he moves away. Teddy always obliges, at first, but he eases back to see just what’s in the trailers full of paper. Wanna know what was in those trailers? Donald Trump!

Floor to ceiling, stem to stern, Trump paraphernalia with all the frills. All bound for every business, home, drug store, school, and graveyard and barber shop in rural America. Within ten days, Teddy Bear saw this from Florida to Ding Dong, Texas.  The south is saturated. What does this mean? What will it matter in the final run? Well, I’ll tell you. Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Hillary, and all the rest are playing by the rules they’ve always known. When the south chimes in, or right before, they’ll all run down there and start talking the talk, trying to lure what they think are ignorant votes to their side. Well, by the time they get there the Donald has already been there, done that, and the fat lady has already sang.

Trump has won victories now, and he’s not just a reality TV star, he is the nominee apparent. Forget Cruz, forget Rubio, Forget Sanders, and forget Hillary. Trump will trump them. I think he may be funding Hillary just so he can run against her, and not Sanders. She’s a joke. If you don’t believe that, then you’re a joke. The South will rise up in one solid block and hand the White House to Donald Trump. It’s as simple as that. In Their arrogance, the large metropolitan areas believe that they rule the roost, but there is more corn whiskey than champagne.

The busses I told you about were huge. Entire parking lots of them. Tons of literature. Hundreds of staff. This is so simple, yet so dynamic. Teddy Bear hacked their walkie talkies, and the chatter was incredible. While Donald Trump is filling the stadiums of major cities these ground troops are securing the election for him. We’ve seen the Bush era pass this week. We will see the Clinton era ride off into the sunset. You’d better start swimming, or you’ll sink like a stone, because times they are a changing!


Bill the Butcher