This is Not a Real Estate Deal



This is not a real estate deal!” Marco Rubio seized on that line last night, and true to form, he parroted, and parroted, and parroted. (Don’t they have parrots in Cuba?) He was trying to zero in on Donald Trump who was steadily handing him his face, while Ted Cruz had the good sense not to join him in a chorus. Well, Marco, it is a real estate deal. America is being handed over to a bunch of squatters. Rubio is simple: He yells, and sweats, and yells some more. Havana’s version of Justin Bieber looks good, but sorry, all hat and no cattle.

Ben Carson has a good bedside manner. Mild, soft spoken, understandable. He’s the kind of guy who would tell someone with stage four lung cancer, “You are going to live. The only question is, how long.” I like Ben. He approaches everything with a low key, digestible prescription. The side effects? Putin will play basketball with his head. What you have here is a black Jimmy Carter. He’ll make a fine Surgeon General.

I’m going to surprise you about John Kasich. Knowledgeable, has been at all levels of government for years, calm, articulate, and has real solutions for real problems. Doesn’t get bogged down in useless chatter, such as the dead issue of same sex marriage, (The Supreme Court has ruled, and I’ve moved on.) He can’t win, however. What you have here is a vice president, and a good one! At least one person visiting the Oval Office who knows what he’s talking about.

Ted Cruz! Ted is the Tea Party darling. “The people that get forgotten in this debate over immigration are the hard working men and women of this country. . . . that are losing their jobs.” While Ted sparred with Trump some, he stopped just short of a full scale free for all, letting Rubio dig his own political grave trying to corner the billionaire at his own game. Ted was literally in his own neighborhood where he went to high school, and his shining at the debate was never in doubt. Hey, come to think of it, I find that interesting that Ted Cruz can point to every period of his life and education, citing high school, university, even where he ate a hamburger at fifteen, and Obama can’t even prove he was in town! Jus’ sayin’.

Trying to figure the winner in a debate like this is a little like watching a free for all I a dog pound. One technically is the last one standing, but he looks so bad it’s hard to tell if he’s the winner, or just a survivor. I told you about Trump’s southern plan, and the game remains the same. I don’t know if it’ll work or not, but I know the plan, and the deal’s still on. Super Tuesday will tell you who the winner was last night. I tend to think that Cruz will win Texas. A recent poll said that most Texans want to throw all the Muslims and Illegals out of Texas. Hey, we’re simple folk. Forget Rubio. He’s just enhancing his resume. “Hey, I did run for president. Did you see I waved?” Dr. Carson will continue his book tour, which is what his campaign is really all about. If Trump has any sense at all, he’ll pick Governor Kasich as his running mate.

There is a tendency to try to corner Trump on particulars of his plans for walls, health care, and such. You don’t do that with a real estate broker. He doesn’t know how to build that wall, but he knows to hire people who do! It is a real estate deal, Marco! America is being given away just like the Alamo! Do you want to know how to judge Trump’s real worth? Just look at the people who are scared of him. Whoopi is leaving the country. Beyonce turned black, and the Chinese, who have faced Trump at the negotiation table are screaming, “Hell NO!” It is a real estate deal, Marco.

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