That Was The Week That Was


HillaryThat Was The Week That Was started with How To Shoot Hillary out of the Saddle. Waited for the FBI to show up, having used the words “Shoot” and “Hillary, but apparently the want to shoot her, too. Hey, I need the book sales, what can I say. She’s all into gun control, and I understand.

FetusOnce in a Blue Moon, I’ll write something that just keeps coming back and getting better. Infanticide is that kind of article, because it’s just so dad-blasted true! A general once told me there just ain’t no nice way to kill people, and liberals need to understand that.

TrumpEvery now and then I get input from people that find information unknown to the MSM and most alternative news sources. Teddy Bear and the Trump Machine lays out a plan, not a prediction. I don’t know if the plan will pan out, but the plan is definitely there. Interesting note: Today I was listening to music on my iPhone with my morning coffee on the porch, and I’d put in search ideas for Willie, Waylon, and ZZ Top. No matter which series of words I put in a video called “Donald Trump and the State of the Union was the fourth suggestion. Jus’ sayin’.

MuleI had to go racist to live up to my reputation and Forty Acres and a Mule was this week’s tip of the hat to Jeff, and all the other libtards out there who are forever laying race baiting traps for me. Read between the lines. We all get promised the same thing. Blacks go for it because they want the goodies, and liberal whites vote for it because they’re on a guilt trip. If you will notice the Republican debate there was one black guy, two Cubans, and two Yankees. The Democrats have an old white man and old white lady in a three legged race to the grave. Now who’s “diverse?”

DebateThis is NOT a Real Estate Deal! So echoed the immortal words of Marco Rubio during the debate in Houston. I guess everyone has to be remembered for something, and that’s his. A debate is a little like a fight in a dog pound. Everyone claims to be the winner. The two guys on the end really had no part in the debate, but there were two slots there, and CNN put all that money into the show, so I guess that’s why they showed up. Cruz looked pretty good because he let Rubio stand up there and quack like a duck!


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