Mitt Romney is that bad penny that keeps coming back again and again. When he was running in 2012 I pointed out the “Mormon” factor, and dad-burn it, I was right. What we had was the perfect storm. The republicans, or rather the republican leadership have convinced themselves that this talking suit has just got have something on the ball. Nope! Nada. Nothing there. All hat and no cattle. Now, I want ya’ll to look very closely at something. When you went to vote on Tuesday did you see Mitt’s name on the ballot anywhere? Well, no you didn’t. So why is he coming out now with all this frontal attack on his former contributor? Pay attention because there’s gonna be a quiz. Mitt’s handlers brought him out of moth balls, not because they think he will win, they have a winner, but because they want to derail Trump’s train, and insure the presidency to Hillary, that’s why!

“Why Wilbur, that just don’t make no sense!” Well, yes, it does. There is not a two party system in this country. There is no elephant and a donkey, it’s one big cluster symbolized by a Jack-a-lope! Their only factor is to make sure the right puppet takes the ticket. You see, there’s the problem. Donald Trump isn’t in bed with any of them, and calls a spade a spade. Do you want to see evidence of this? Ok, it’s easy, and I’m stupid, so if I see it children raised by wolves can see it. . . the wolves can see it. Donald is a winner. He’s a racehorse. He is the most inspiring person to run for president since George Washington. The democrats would have to drive a two by four up Hillary’s butt to hold her up while Donald Trump rolled over her, but the republican handlers are doing everything they can to stop him. Super Pacs are being formed by republicans to stop Trump. They aren’t even concerned with Hillary, they want to stop Trump so bad, and do give me all that “they care about America” nonsense. They know that these two Junior Senators have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anywhere near the White House, but that’s who they wanted to run. The object of the game is to hand Hillary a win, and that’s what it’ll take, to hand her a win, because she can’t win any other way.

The republican party is not the government, it’s a political party. The bosses can call the show anything they want. If they want, they can march Mitt Romney up there and nominate him. They’ll love that. He’s a born loser. What better opponent for a woman who wouldn’t even answer the phone from an embassy under attack? Stadiums full of people stand in parking lots to see Trump, and only six show up in Texas to greet Hillary, but she’s the empress designate. On the debate stage last week the usual attack on Trump’s plans came about, and I addressed that, but did you listen Hillary on Tuesday night. No one word of substance! Her lemmings opened their mouths and she puked down their throats.

Unless I’m very wrong you are going to see a landslide in November. Donald Trump will have the largest majority in the history of America. . . and he will lose! Alex Jones won’t look so crazy then. You’ll see who your real owners are, and the one man, the one chance that we had to regain at least some measure of America will fly back to New York, forever!

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