#BlackLivesMatter thought they could gang up on this Trump supporter but he DESTROYED their arguments!


In a coordinated effort, all elements of the establishment are out to stop Donald Trump from being nominated as the Republican candidate for President of the United States.

Whether the radical left with the full support of the Democrat Party or the compliant stooges of both the Republican hierarchy and the so-called conservative media, aka Fox News, a full attack has been mounted to “take-out” Donald Trump.

The Black Lives Matter group surrounded this black Trump supporter and tried to change his mind about defending the GOP front-runner, but as you will see, he had the upper hand!

Let’s not forget Sen. Ted Cruz joined the side of the protesters on Friday night blaming Trump, proving that he’s a mere advantageous, political hack.

Here is my takeaway, liberals and socialist do not believe in freedom of speech. They are in fact the uber intolerant. It is disgraceful that they believe they have a right to prohibit the exercise of freedom of speech and assembly, what a bunch of pigs.

What did you think of this young man defending Trump against Black Lives Matter movement? Was he spot-on? Let us know what you thought below in our comment section. We want to hear from you!

h/t – The Alex Jones Channel

Source: Waynee Dupree@ NewNinja2012.com

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