The Law of the Jungle

The Law of the Jungle

The Law of the Jungle

The law of the jungle has replaced the rule of law in America. Thousands of protestors came to shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago, but that’s no surprise. Liberal thought has pervaded American politics for decades. True, there have been brief moments of sanity, i.e. Raegan, Bush, but by and large, the ideals have been less ideals and more slanted to the left for the sake of left. Abortions, gay marriage, stomping the flag and political correctness did not just pop out of thin air, it took some work, or not work, rather. Insidiously the entire nation became California with a capital “C,” and silly notions became the norm rather than the exception. Any time someone like Whoopi Goldberg could be considered a political spokesperson there is a screw loose somewhere.

In this new understanding the way to effect political change is to show up in mass numbers not to vote, but to shout down anyone who disagrees. I understand! They know that this topsy turvy world is about to come to an end, and the aspect of having to earn their daily bread is overwhelming for these constituents of the food stamp rebellion. Funny thing is, their actions only further galvanized the right, and energized their purpose to follow the job through, and end this circus!

Humor is a powerful psychological tool. I use it. I ain’t even gonna lie to you. When a person is laughing, that very laughter is acceptance of whatever made him laugh in the first place. When you laugh, you laugh at someone, and when you do that, whatever the ruse, you reduce them in your mind. The liberal left has used many comedians to this goal. Just because someone is famous does not make them a political pillar of truth, it just makes them publicized. Add in a little dash of hate, and some left wing ideas, and the ideas become accepted as truth. Then you get those people in the street in Chicago who probably can’t tell you who the Speaker of the House is. Shucks, they probably can’t tell you what the speaker of the house is, and voila, there you have it, the planet of the apes.

Dudes, I’m not being racist, just playing by the rules they set. Under this new understanding, in order to get a president, all we have to do is put more people in the streets than they do. Hey, secret, we don’t have to. Places like Chicago, LA, Washington DC, and Berkley are just cities. There’s a whole country out there that is fed up, and Donald Trump is leading them to a revolution. We can only hope that he has the strength to persevere.

Why don’t the huddled masses, yearning to get fed protest Cruz, or Rubio? Because they aren’t worried about them. They’re politicians. They know under President Cruz it will be business as usual down at the ol’ clinic, and the welfare office. Oh, He’ll rattle his saber, but all hat and no cattle, and after two years he’ll be concentrating on re-election, i.e. mo’ money, mo’ food stamps, and mo’ of the same. That’s why there are no protests. Hey, did that hurt? Lemme tell ya some more.

Rubio. Where did he come from? He has about as much chance of being president as I have Marrying Trump’s daughter, ok? And I like Donald’s daughter. Hey, she’s a girl. How’d you like Bruce Gender as a first “lady?” That’s the wide, wide world of sports your liberal left have given you. The law of the jungle. Peace out!

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