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Farm Boy Angel Religion PeaceRoundup was interesting this week. It would appear as if I have turned into a religious nut from what is coming out this last week or so, but that is simply not the case. In the Farm Boy, the Angel, and the religion of Peace I ventured off into the event in Brussels, and used that to at least try to educate the LDS people as to the state of the world. I’ve been on an extended vacation, and you simply can’t be traveling around Utah without observing Mormon culture, so while I’m up here you’ll hear a lot of that. My regular readers know my view on organized religion, and I’m not jellyfishing at all. I refuse to get into a religious debate on this. What is a religious debate? My invisible guy in the sky can whip your invisible guy in the sky.  What I will do is try to educate a large body of people as to the dire state that Obama has put us all in. At this time, I was struggling with some serious personal issues such as where to find coffee and whiskey. Once I solved those problems I went onto investigating how to get the Mormons to join Texas, and the rest of America in the fight for liberty. I’m not backing up on this. Anybody who can find a drink of water in this place has something on the ball!

Trump's wife losesFrom there we went to the war of the wives. I was surprised to find that the ladies of Utah control the polls. This goes directly against the common belief that Utah women keep their biscuits in the oven and their buns in the bed. Donald’s Wife Loses Caucus showed this quite clearly. Donald Trump’s wife has had a picture of her butt taken at some time in her life, and that don’t fare well with the ladies of the temple. Crus practically lived in Utah preceding the vote and it showed. I also noticed a fair amount of “sneaky” in Cruz that I don’t like. He set up the Iowa vote, and I read yesterday that he’s taking off after Kasich. We’ve already had one sneaky prick in the White House and he was, “Not a crook!”

WivesThis continued with Your Wife is so Ugly. As a response to the pictures of his wife’s butt, Trump ran a picture of Cruz’s wife’s face. There’s a vague connection there, I guess, I don’t know. Butts, faces. . . you tell me. There was no way to take this seriously. I had a field day. If I got that stupid the liberal press would eat me butt first so my head died last. This had nothing to do with any issues. Trump was actually rather reserved, but Cruz went all “Cuban” and teared up. I should have titled this the Battle of the Butts. Just think how it would have looked if Nixon had run a picture of Jackie’s butt.

WilburWhy am I Sitting Outside in Twenty Degrees is what you write when the two candidates are still going on about their wives and your fingers are too froze up to write. I was still skirting around the words, “Mormon,” and “Mason,” but, I’m beginning to understand Cruz a little better. He’s gonna lose, no mileage, but noble effort. He can’t possibly gain enough votes to walk away with the nomination, and Trump rages on. Wanna know why? “Cause he’s got the support of the people, that’s why. Political Correctness is hard to maintain, and he will misspeak on occasion, but by and large, Donald Trump is the voice of the people. Learn it, live it, love it.

And Then We Were OneOn Easter Sunday I got tired of the wife war and did a little piece called And Then We Were One. This was a section of my book, “Sharon,” and fit quite well, not to mention it was a refreshing break from all the wife swapping that the Republican effort had become.

Still stinging from his wife’s butt, Trump leaped upon Cruz calling him, in effect a whore monger. The Cookie Jar started out to be a piece tearing into Cruz, but the more I looked into it the truth became clear that this was just more mudslinging and I ended up defending Cruz. I also got tired of this story line along about this time. Didn’t JFK have a few on the side? Maybe we need a gay president.

Texas State of MindTexas State of Mind was a story that I was so mad about it actually took me two days to cool off before I could write it. Ok, let’s be blunt; Islam is a bad deal. ISIS is the fruit of Islam. To crucify a priest on Easter is just about as bad as it gets. Oh, don’t get me started. Where is Hitler’s ovens when you need them? The Europeans are finally sobering up and putting the boot to their guests. Personally, I think the countries of the world should get together and build a wall around Syria. . . and then fill it up with water.

I was still boiling mad at the Muslims, and Hot Check to Jesus showed it. Again, I tried to drag the Mormons into the fight. I think I stay mad at Muslims. If you can’t stand Muslims you aren’t a racist because Islam is not a race it’s an STD. They have become a protected species courtesy of Obama, kinda like the Spotted Owl.

Angels How To FlyTeach The Angels How To Fly was a bit personal for me. Some people you just never forget, and April was one of those people.  I can’t help but wonder what she’d think these days. She’d be middle aged by now. Some people take a little piece of you with them. We’re all still here, hon, and you’re still missed.

Joseph SmithEnded the week with Joseph Did You Know. I am impressed with Mormon culture. There is a difference between religion and culture. You can’t look at Utah and not give a tip of the hat. Imagine if there had been no LDS migration. Who would have put up with Utah? The Mormons were pressed by events, and Utah was born. Think about it. What has the Westboro Baptist Church ever built, and their girls aren’t even pretty. God moves in mysterious ways. The Mormons will blend eventually, but I hope that their core values remain.

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