Deep Survival

Deep Survival

Deep Survival

Deep Survival is a book  written by a friend of mine, Laurence Gonzales. It is about the seemingly senseless things people do that get them killed, but the concepts apply to almost every aspect of life. A pilot landing on an aircraft carrier who pushes the stick forward instead of back, and flies into the back of the vessel. An act so out of sync that it defies logic. Donald Trump did this in Wisconsin. In presidential politics you can’t have a bad hair day. Bad hair. . . Donald Trump, hey, I digress. Anyway, you have to think, position, and speak slowly. Abortion is a black and white issue. I don’t care how you slice it, you’re either Pro-Choice, or Pro-Life. Nobody is just a little bit pregnant. No matter what you personally believe, when the League of Women Voters is looking down your throat you do not say that women who get abortions need to be punished. The Donald crashed into the tail end of the USS Nimitz. Why couldn’t he just have said, “While, as you know, I personally do not believe in abortion, it is the law, and we’ve had enough of politicians ignoring the law?” By the way, Donald, I’m for hire as a speech writer, and I’m cheap! Never being one to let grass grown beneath his feet, Ted Cruz surged to victory, going from a ten-point lag to a decisive win. This has changed a sure Trump candidacy to an almost certain contested convention where the Illuminati will achieve their goal of getting a politically correct opponent for Hillary in the general election, thereby saving the Union of Soviet Socialist Democrats. And for all of you out there waiting for the indictment, Doc Greene put it best on Foxx Network last night; Hillary is too rich, and too entrenched to ever take that lick. Just file that under “Birth Certificates.”  Like Ol’ Willie sang recently in It’s All Going To Pot, “Best I can tell the world’s gone to hell, and we’re all gonna miss it a lot.”

Now, before you get all upset, thinking it was just one mistake that cost Trump the race, let me say this; In politics there is a thing called “vetting.” Vetting in like making a fine sword. You hammer, temper, and hammer again, and if you find a flaw, you either remold the steel, or use I for a paper weight. Back in Nashville I heard people struggling in the music business claiming the system was all wrong because they couldn’t get a cut. No! They just didn’t make it because the competition was stiff, and only the cream went to the top. I, myself, turned to Country Comedy because I couldn’t write a hit to save my soul. Last week we saw, “NAKED WIFE” coming out the Cruz camp, answered by, “UGLY WIFE” back from Trump, and of course neither man actually said those things, but in the end Trump tripped on a banana peel, Cruz peed on the fire, and Wisconsin called in the dogs. Kay Sarah Sarah!

Do not go with your heads hung low. Donald Trump electrified a segment of the population. A segment that even Hillary will be aware of. The sad part is that America is lost. Politics has become so elite that even a billionaire businessman can’t possibly win. A profession with absolutely no interest in We the People.  The cards are stacked, and the song remains the same. Just drink the Kool Aid and pass the cup. Still, the powers that be have got to be aware that there are still people who believe in the constitution, liberty, family, the rights of individuals. Unfortunately, we all live in Texas. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m back on that secession trip again. We were holding off on the outside chance that Trump might win and we’d have eight more years to put it together, but nah, I’m not moving to Canada, but I am going to maintain my Texas driver’s license. Don’s loss in Wisconsin will have a ripple effect on the remainder of the contest, with Cruz capitalizing on it, and Marco Rubio sitting on a beach in Florida with a Pina Colada saying, “Mierda! Why didn’t I think of that?”Simple Ol' Boy

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