After Woman Calls GOP Gov Rick Scott an A**hole at Starbucks, He Gets the Sweetest Revenge Possible


Last week, a YouTube video that showed Florida Governor Rick Scott (R)getting an earful from a woman sitting in a Gainesville Starbucks while he was waiting to place his order went viral.

Now, Let’s Get to Work PAC, which is associated with Scott’s run for governor, has posted an ad in response on both on its website and YouTube… and it’s sweet, sweet revenge.

The ad begins with the voiceover calling the customer “a terribly rude woman,” then replays the part of the original clip where she calls the Florida Republican an a**hole for not expanding Medicaid under Obamacare.

That’s when a few inconvenient facts appear on the screen:


Next, the ad addresses the woman’s reply when Scott told her that he’d added a million new jobs in the Sunshine state: “A million jobs? Great, who here has a great job?”

A map of the Gainesville neighborhood where the Starbucks is located pops up on screen, showing that 9,300 jobs alone had been created there.


The video ends with a stinging mic drop: the only people who aren’t getting jobs are “those who are sitting around coffee shops, demanding public assistance, surfing the Internet and cursing at customers who come in.”

That’s gonna leave a mark.

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