Votes, Lies, and Videotapes

Votes Lies and vdeotapes

Votes Lies and vdeotapes

Votes, lies, and video tapes. If you’ll notice I took an old movie title, and replaced the word, “sex” with “vote.” That’s because that’s what the RNC is doing with your vote. It’s interchangeable. After I did the article on this subject a couple days ago, one of my followers pointed out that the RNC is a private organization, free to do what it will with its business, and that is true. The problem is that it portrays itself as being “Of the People, By the People, and For the People,” but as Donald Trump has so aptly pointed out the “people” have nothing to do with the choice of a candidate. The power flows from the top down, not up. In his talk on ABC news yesterday, he enumerated his grievances with the organization.

My follower was right, and it is what it is. Here’s why it works. The RNC is a funding entity, buying slots in Washington, and if they don’t like you, you don’t win! Swat them bees! No one can “lone wolf” it anymore, and simply must have the nod from the “committee” in order to proceed. Now, combine this with the Democrats doing exactly the same thing, and they are in collusion. Sorry to use that big word. It means, secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy especially in order to cheat or deceive others. You know, like Iowa and Colorado, that sort of thing, and it’s all legal!

The RNC presents itself as a public organization when in fact it is a very private, tightly controlled business that brokers candidates. Then, when someone comes along who can garner votes, but won’t walk the party line the teeth come out, and they’re not even nice about it. Ted Cruz understands this. He’s not a liar, or a crook, he’s a realist. He says he’s Tea Party, and the RNC thinks that’s cool, you can drink any tea you like, so long as you buy it from their tea house. The final exposure of this will be when Donald Trump loses the convention, and a proper opponent for Hillary is chosen. Someone who looks good, talks well, flies from one end of the country to the other, and concedes gracefully. Like Mitt Romney did. Just look at that election. Johnny America ran against “The Joker,” and the freaking Joker WON!

Can we fix this? Not this time. The “fix” is already in, the cards are dealt, and the Terror of Benghazi will be the next president. But, the American people are now aware! With the proper amount of flames shooting out of his tail when he crashes, Donald Trump will “out” the system, and hopefully we can begin to rebuild. This is what happened to the constitution. This is what happed to the country, and it’s not conspiracy stuff. They are doing it right now, in full view, and they know they will win! Look, it’s taken these guys over a hundred years to put this together. This is not their first rodeo.

The idea is to keep the agenda on track, and that agenda is to make sure the people are not involved in government. Oh, they don’t mind the money. As you know the Federal Reserve has that under control, but here’s the bad part. Trump has the money, but the money only works when they deem it appropriate. The Donald can spend every last penny, and it won’t buy anything, certainly not the nomination. The RNC and Democrats can’t afford that. The fix is in. Eight years of Hillary, then, I guess Chelsea or one of Obama’s daughters will be on the slate, I don’t know. Sure would be a bad day for them if Texas secedes and takes everything west of the Mississippi with it, huh? DUDES! If they can rig an election, we can rig a revolution.

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