Alinsky’s Toilet Tactics: Isolate them. Freeze them. Polarize them.


Liberals usually begin their arguments with a false presumption or claim, and evade any discussion of doubt about it.  The behavior a con man uses.

The whole idea of liberal bathroom tactics is to RUN BY THE GIANT LIE THEY TOLD, folks.

Typical Lies

The lie might be something like claiming you are homophobic, as if “your fear is not your right”, but we all know fear is healthy and normal and not illegal at all.  If you fear the liberal gay movement claiming “rights” which give them preferential treatment over your rights, you are NORMAL, not abnormal.  The constitution was written to promote equal, God given rights, not man-made, fake prefixed-rights.  Equal rights means EVERYONE has the same rights, there are no  prefixes to the word “rights”.   Women’s rights don’t exist.  Gay rights don’t exist.  Black rights don’t exist.

Two rights make a wrong.

The second, typical lie is fear is the same as hate, which is a lie used to oppress us, not to help any LBGT citizens.

Proof They Know They Are Lying

How do we know they are obviously lying? For one, socialism is based on fear of being unable to care for one’s self, so mockery of fear is contradictory, it makes their prior mockery of our fear a proven lie.  Secondly, all their “hate” claims are employed when we fear a new minority group or minority preference law, which they’ve decided to “create” to “help” make things “equal”, Animal Farm style. 100% consistent.

All of us MUST recognize and exalt you care MORE than the liberals, not less.  Socialism has the WORST record of treating it’s citizens – they either fall to invaders like Russia or China’s mass slaughters at the hands of the Germans and Japanese, or became fascist dictatorships which execute their “activists”, while capitalist Republics have the BEST record.   America stopped being a Republic in 1913.

I used all caps above because so many conservatives fall for the liberal bait of discussing  “hating trannies”, instead of sticking to the true issue: Perverts abusing the law, and the liberals abusing the definition of hate, using an easily exposed, typical, hackneyed hate-lie.

We MUST stick to their initial lies if we EVER expect to impact the debate. Expose their lies, and ONLY talk about their lies, do not imagine they think their lie is the truth, they know they are lying.  So we must isolate it, freeze it, and polarize it.

The ONLY Way to Keep Debate Honest, Is Expose the Lies

The liberals all use the same tactic folks:  Isolate it, freeze it, and polarize it by skipping step 2, and using step 3 instead:

  1. They make a claim based on a false accusation, like “conservatives hate gays because we oppose gay marriage.”
  2. If we argue their false claims, they keep right on debating, like trying to debate “why you hate gays.”
  3. If you expose they lied to start the argument,
    • they ignore the exposure, then make up more false claims
    • claim you’ve insulted them, begin attacking you as mean and hateful, for instance.
      There are 11 tactics of deception they employ, documented in Atlas Shouts.
  4. Wash, Rinse. Repeat.

Step 2 will just allow them to waste your time, and inflate their ego.

The Final Insult

The final insult to all this is the leftists won’t enforce any of these rules in the Islamic communities they establish here in the US.  It will only be for conservative areas.

John D. Lofgren



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