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No Taxation


On the 16th of December 1773 some men calling themselves the sons of Liberty destroyed property belonging to the East India Company by throwing crates of tea overboard into the Boston harbor where the tea was to be off loaded for sale in the colonies. This act of vandalism was illegal as were the acts of sedition and conspiracy leading up to that event which came to be called the Boston Tea Party. 

It’s ironic that this act, an act of terrorism by today’s standards, should be defining in the history of our nation as the beginning of our fight with Britain for independence. Ironic because we have become a fearful lot, led around by our noses, funneling untold billions into “homeland security”. We simply cannot envision committing a terrorist or treasonous (aka criminal) act against our government even though we don’t trust it to keep its least promise to us. As noted, the acts of meeting, discussing and planning this action were illegal in themselves. Indeed, just speaking against the Crown was considered treason in those days, and imprisonment, confiscation of property or even hanging were not out of the question even for wealthy citizens. 

Still, the act of boarding the ship, overpowering the crew and throwing cargo overboard has become the dividing line in the hearts and minds of Americans between talking smack and, actual smack. Patriotism and arm chair quarterbacking.

The actions of those men were those of men who had come to the end of their patience in dealing with a governing parent who had all the rational approaches to change covered. The East India Company was the largest corporation in the world, and enjoyed, a “no bid, no  compete” relationship with the colonies and the crown. In other words, the crown forbade competition in trade with the East India company while passing laws forbidding the manufacture of most items of daily living in the colonies and the banks, who were the power of the day liked it that way. A situation that modern day Americans are perilously close to now.

All of which brings us to the upcoming presidential election. With the exception of true individualists like the now deceased Roy Finicum, or Cliven Bundy, few Americans view themselves as capable of acts similar to the Boston Tea Party, but they will vote if are capable of stirring themselves enough to show up in November to vote should someone seem capable or inclined to bring about change. This mood has been on the American electorate since the Bush/Cheney debacle, and President Obama, who had promised change put the seemingly final finishing touches on the change over to the new world order begun by President Nixon. By now, every American who isn’t stoned out of their minds can see that the Democratic Party intends to hand Americans their heads and administer the final coup de grace, emptying the last bit of change from our coffers, and enslaving future generations of Americans in a horrific kind of indentured servitude.

This is essentially clear when you see that the party has made it clear from the very beginning; before the beginning in fact, that Senator Sanders, a candidate who not only exemplifies the message of the populist minded democrats, but who has raised an amount of money equal to the Clinton pile bestowed upon her by the banks from single donors, hasn’t got a chance. Just can’t win they say. Still, the stubbornest voters in America are being told that their champion, Donald Trump can’t win either, and yet they continue to flock to his standard in droves. Yes, I said droves. America isn’t going to elect another monkey wearing a pin striped suit. The banksters may force another one into office as they did with President (ugh) Bush, but we won’t elect him because even if we don’t have the guts to drive down, up or over to Wichita Falls TX and put our butts on the line like the Sons of Liberty, we darn sure will go down to the polls and stand in Hillary’s way to the White House.

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