Corrupt Media Forces Red Pill/Blue Pill Choice


Red Pill/Blue Pill

My research findings force my friends and readers into a Red Pill/Blue Pill conundrum:

Blue Pill : The blue pill causes the human mind to say, but not believe, “The author is an unbalanced, opinionated annoying tongue wagger. Ignore him, and party on.”

Red Pill : The red pill causes the human mind to say, and believe “The author’s research is airtight, and the government is a corrupt, crime ridden organization.  Doing things like……”:

  • Sending our soldiers  to “defend” Muslim countries far away, while our border are letting in the enemy combatants by the thousands to beat conservatives and Christians at American political rallies, while the news lies to us.” Brownshirts in America.
  • Setting interest rates lower than the inflation rate, thus impoverishing all savers.
  • Not prosecuting the bank leadership in 2008, when it is well known finance law the regulators must imprison violators of fractional reserve banking.  Otherwise there is no motivation to comply with laws.  Instead, Obama created a reward system for going along with the crime:  TARP.  TARP director Neil Barofsky’s book explains how the funds were abused.
  • Tens of openly visible contradictions, like List of contradictory behaviors.
  • Intimidating the press like never before.

The Easy Path

It is much lower cost (right now) to insult me and my work, than to realize I’m the guy telling you the truth.  Most people choose to shun me, and claim “I ruined the relationship.”   All of them are liberals, and about 20% of them are Republicans.  I’ve never lost a conservative friend over my research findings.

What Would A Friend Do?

But good friends always keep telling good friends the truth. Bad friends lie to other friends and go silent when challenged about truthfulness.  I choose the first option – I have to.  I’m a good friend.

I’m still a very very good friend.  Those that shun me are choosing the blue pill.  All my friends that have said I’m opinionated and unbalanced? Blue pill.

Choose Your Pill

Either my book reviewers are right about my findings, or my opponents are right. But, they both can’t be right.  And everyone knows the answer.

What pill will you take today?

Excerpts from reviews:

  • “The unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates the Greek Philosopher famously said. John Lofgren illustrates that powerfully in ATLAS SHOUTS! John helps us examine our country’s fiscal policies and the philosophy driving them….It’s a great read and a resource you’ll often consult!”  – PHD review
  • “Atlas Shouts is an excellent call for action, solidly supported by nonpartisan analysis.” -PHD review
  • “Actually, as I think about it, your methods of collecting and correlating information are systematic and disciplined enough to qualify as science, like what anthropologists and archaeologists do in the field” – PHD Psychology, University of Chicago
  • “His uncompromising ability to search for and zero in on the truth is outstanding.”
  • “In my opinion Lofgren takes the next big step after the icon of the individualist, Ayn Rand.”
  • “Many books are written championing one political ideology over the other, but few if any truly expose the underbelly of both political parties in such a clear way.”
  • “Easy to comprehend, even for an English major. The many graphs make the economics easy to visualize and absorb.”
  • “…help you sort through the abundant lies from the media and politicians on both sides of the aisle.”
  • ” The book is very professional in its style, very thorough in its treatment of issues, and easy to follow.”
  • “The breadth of issues Lofgren addresses is remarkable, particularly the capture of so much manipulation of public sentiment with deceptive claims. And using the quotes of Keynes, Lenin, Senator Fritz Hollings, FDR, etc. – to impugn their own policies – shields his work from “source bias” claims.”
  • ” John provides in depth details in an unbiased manner that gives the reader a through understanding of the fiscal and policy decisions made on our country.”
  • “I love truth. In a never ending quest to find it, i found myself with Atlas Shouts in my hands. This book is a truth atomic bomb.”

John D. Lofgren