OrlandoThe mass shooting in Orlando last night changed my plans for today’s article. Originally, I’d planned to do a funny piece about the 2nd Amendment, but last night’s event took all the humor out of that idea. Fact is, there isn’t a thing funny about up to fifty people being killed while having a drink at a favorite club. Let me begin, and this article is going to have many facets, by acknowledging gun control is not the answer! It’s so hard to hammer that fact into soft, liberal heads. Omar, yeah he’s one of them, would have got his guns, ok? Gun control was the reason the patrons of the club were helpless. Gun free zone! Hey, there’s a thought. Didn’t Omar know it was a gun free zone? He’s in big trouble now. The only cure for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. These people zero in on prime targets. You will note that Omar did not attack the police station, nor any military installations that may be in the area. He hit a gay bar!

Next point. We Texans take a lot of hits about anti-gay, pro-life, etc. We carry guns, chew tobacco, say, “Yes Ma’am,” and yes, you’ll hear the word, “Queer” here and there. What you won’t hear is gunshots killing all the customers in a gay bar! That takes a Muslim in a “gun free zone” to do something like that. It takes a deranged mind, adhering to the concepts of a long dead pedophile to arrange that little party. It takes a man who is perfectly fine with having full blown sex with a nine year old girl, but gets freaked out when two grown men have a cocktail and go home together! Sexual orientation is complex, and whatever your orientation is, you’re probably stuck with it. You simply have to keep your desires within the confines of the law, i.e. no little girls, little boys, or chickens, or whatever, and keep your private life private! I was once challenged by a member of the Gay Alliance claiming I found gay sex repulsive. I replied no, I find all sex repulsive unless I’m involved. I also don’t like to watch anyone taking a dump either!

Now, let’s get on Donald Trump’s plan to make the leading American export Muslims. I’d like to begin by quoting the late great Muhammed Ali. If a thousand rattlesnakes were coming at me, and I knew that one hundred of them had no intention to bite me, would I ignore the other nine hundred, or just slam the door? Second case: If I were to give you a bowl of M&Ms, and three of them were poison, would you chow down? Islam is a diseased political system. A radical Muslim wants to kill you. A moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to kill you. We must get a handle on this. This is not the last you will see if this. They also hate pretty girls, Christians, white people, black people, and artists who draw their so-called prophet. Solution? Throw them all out. You think this guy was alone? You think his Imam didn’t know his intentions? Unless I miss my guess his family is basking in glory right now with money pouring in from all directions.

Last night was a turning point. This event should galvanize the American people to come to some firm conclusions about our little brown “guests” who eat our food and turn to spit in our face. I will say this, I don’t think it’ll be safe to be a Muslim running a “Quickie-Mart” in Orlando this morning. Not all gays are queens. There are a few that take things like this quite seriously, and you might be surprised to find more than a few of us Texas rednecks behind them.

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