Do Muslim Immigrants Support Sharia Law?



After the terrorist attack in Orlando there are questions about Muslim immigration once again. Afghan immigration is surging, and Pew Research says 99% support sharia law as official law.

Michael Johns with the Tea Party Community told KTRH the problem is even worse when you look deeper at the numbers,

“Roughly 8% of Muslim immigrants in the United States believe that the utilization of violence against the innocent is justifiable,” Johns said.

And he says the answer is simple, but we don’t want to go there as a nation.

“The entire issue points to the fact that Muslim immigration at this point is in almost every way illogical,” said Johns, a Donald Trump supporter.

There are over 100 Syrian refugees coming into the country every day, and Johns says Hillary Clinton is proposing a 500% increase in allowing refugees into the country.

Courtesy  Cliff Saunders @ IHeartRadio