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AwareBe aware! Neighborhood Watch is a good thing. The old fashioned idea of neighbors looking out for each other is a sound way of supporting, and protecting each other. This country is made up of the nation, states, counties, towns, and last, but not least, neighborhoods. The very foundation of our civilization is bonding with people we know, and see every day. In the light of recent events, I want you to consider what the Neighborhood Watch is watching.

We all know the image of the thug walking through our streets with no good reason to be there. But, there is a more sinister element now. Ask yourself, what was the Orlando shooting? It was a local event with national implications. All those people knew each other, and we’re finding that they knew the shooter. So what provided the killer the means, and opportunity to go on a rampage? Political correctness! The mindset that has developed that forces us to ignore the obvious. We don’t want to be thought of as racist, or old fashioned so we go with the flow, don’t make waves, accept everyone, and get our tails shot off over a beer in a local nightspot.

We need to increase awareness, and folks, this is not going to be politically correct at all! There is an element in our society that depends on our being too timid to point, and be aware. They quote, and use our constitution against us while insidiously tearing down the very fabric of our society. We have divisions in this country, but they’re not as divisive as you may think. There are two kinds of people in the country, and particularly in Texas. One is the Black, White, and Hispanic culture. Let’s look at the similarities, rather than the differences. We primarily come from a Judeo-Christian foundation. Even if you are an atheist you are at least aware of the concepts behind that belief set. Then, there are the “others.”

The teachings of the Qu’ran are in stark contrast to the teachings of the Bible. To be sure both works were formulated by desert peoples who were a bit more “direct” than we are today. The remedy for homosexuality, adultery, and murder are remarkably the same, but I would have you look at the western culture that came out of that. Know them by their fruits! Now, look at the culture of Islam. The Qu’ran plainly lays out the methods needed to occupy a land. Jihad can be with the sword, or more likely, the country’s own politics. The very mellowing of the desert creeds of the Bible, the civilization generated thereof, is being used to subdue the west,, and in the end, destroy that culture, replacing it with Sharia Law. Know them by their fruits.

How does this tie into Neighborhood Watch? We, as neighbors, as Americans, as Texans, are obligated to be aware of what goes on around us. When you buy a pack of cigarettes from a Quickie-Mart, are you sure, really sure that a portion of that money doesn’t find its way to Syria? When a store license is issued by the city, have they checked out who is really working there, where do they come from, and more importantly, where are they going? Ah! Your political correctness shield just went up. It’s so simple. We start by awareness. Blunt talk and awareness. You see, if we start at the neighborhood level, and work our way out, eventually the state, indeed the nation will be safer.

Of course all are welcome to chase the American Dream, but they are going to have to chase it openly, by our rules, not the rules from an alien culture bent on the total destruction of all we have built. All other immigrants came here, abandoning everything to run a bakery on Mulberry Street, a brewery in Milwaukee, a sausage shop in Elgin. On holidays they celebrated and waved the American flag because they knew what they had here far outweighed what they had left behind. To be proud of America is not an embarrassment. It is not “old school.” The foundation of western culture is firmly held beliefs that have evolved over years, and with the recent attracts I’m here to tell you we may have come over on different boats, but we are in the same boat now, and the “others” are wearing out camels to sink that boat.

Now that I’ve made you aware, if you agree or not, you cannot become unaware, for the seed has been planted, and the rain is coming. What you reap you will surely sow. Be good farmers. We are our brother’s keeper. We are neighbors. Our daughters, and granddaughters deserve a sweet sixteen coming out party, not being stoned to death for wearing lipstick. Here’s the ball, there’s the hoop, be aware!

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