Hillary Clinton is a Gangster


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a gangster! Please take the time to watch this video. This election is the perfect dichotomy. On one side is a businessman, flawed to be sure, but someone who has tried and failed, tried again and succeeded, made mistakes, owned up to them and moved on, and his biggest flaw is telling it like it is to millions of cheering Americans. Opposing him is a sleazy, lying, murderous, allegedly bi-sexual (Yoko Ono) who rides on the dubious coat tails of the most criminal-minded, adulterous president in history. Supporting Hillary is an entitled segment of the population that can’t even spell the word, “Constitution,” much less understand its meaning. This is the situation we find ourselves in today!

Travelgate, White Water, Monica, Benghazi, and thousands of emails give us enough scandal to wreck FDR’s presidency, yet Hillary gets a pass! All Richard Nixon did was tell a lie, and monkey with a tape recorder. Jimmy Carter had “sin in his heart.” Yet Hillary is a viable candidate, while skirting indictment. El Chapo would make a better choice! Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the expertise to be a divorce lawyer, yet she wants to run the country, and all the patrons down at the food stamp office are lining up to give her just that.

From 1989 forward America has been controlled by a dynasty. From the moment George H. W. Bush raised his right hand on the Capitol steps until now the Bush/Clinton machine has pulled the strings of government with only one comical interruption. The ballot for all those years was like a Chinese menu where no matter what you chose it all tasted the same. Obama made no difference to this arrangement at all. Hillary bowed out of her first presidential run to allow Obama to surge forward, and even then assumed the office of Secretary of State in order to keep her hand firmly on the wheel until she could make the final lunge for power. When she stepped down from that office it was all according to plan. Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench in that plan.

Trump rose above all of his opponents, and one by one they all stepped aside. Even the formidable Ted Cruz pulled out after rigging at least two primaries, and bringing out a story that at some time in the past Trump’s wife had a spread in a magazine. The press felt it expedient to point out that the lady was not a natural born American while conveniently ignoring the fact that she was a perfect example of the very point her husband was making about legal immigration, and the fulfillment of the American Dream!

It has been said that Trump never gives specifics about his plans for the country. He doesn’t have to. He gives goals! He wants to stop the flow of illegals across our border, bring jobs back to this country, make us safe from attack, and re-enforce the Constitution. He is a real estate broker. When he goes out onto a vacant lot, and decides to build a hotel he doesn’t have to know how to mix concrete because he knows where to find people who do, and that’s exactly how he will build that wall! He may not even have to build a wall. He may decide to beef up the border patrol with authority to where all we’ll need is a sign on the border and men with guns standing beside it. He may embargo Mexico to the point that not one bottle of Tequila will cross that border until Mexico gets it right! As opposed to this Hillary has one plan; to perpetuate that dynasty which began in 1989.

Mr. Trump has been called a Narcissist. Well, as for myself, I’ll go for a confident Narcissist way before I’ll vote for a psychopathic liar banking on eight years of the same while grooming her daughter for the Oval Office. Swat them bees! Y’all didn’t see that one coming, huh. What did you think Chelsea was going to do in her middle age, write a cook book? This cycle must be broken. This has to come to an end. The president of Mexico said that if Donald Trump is elected he will order all the Mexicans back home. That implies that he must have ordered them up here in the first place. Think about it. A country so bad that the president wants his people to leave. And all the other so-called “world leaders” who are “nervous” about the possibility of a Trump presidency. Their interests are not our interests. These are simple observations. The main simple fact still remains: Hillary Clinton is a gangster.

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  1. Love this article Bill. It's timely considering Cruz's most recent debacle and how it turns out that Cruz's donors are now Hillary's. Hmmm, let's all think about that.

    I actually started out disliking Trump for prejudices I had built up over the years, fueled mostly by things I 'd shamefully read and taken as truth. Now that the RNC is over I couldn't be more happy to support this man and we all need to do everything to ensure that Hillary doesn't steal this away.

    As a quick aside, I'm a registered democrat fighting for my beloved 2nd Amendment. I find myself more and more aligning somewhere in the middle with Republicans and Libertarians… is there a new party needed that serves this group and leaves the fringe of the left and right to feed off of themselves?

    Old school democrats like myself would never agree to the antics of the new progressive movement and new republicans seem warmed up to the idea of broadening the social net to include things like college tuition, even while reducing some of the obviously frivolous vote-getting handouts. And Trump's promise to reduce wasteful government spending was a home run!

    Anyway, this was a fun read and I'm off to check out more. Thanks