You can’t put people in a can like sardines. The very strength of the American experience stems from its diversity and compromise. What is a democracy? Pure democracy is nine wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. Republic is while winning the vote the rights of the sheep must be respected. Those rights are ordained to the human experience, unalienable, which cannot be taken away or denied.

With the current election the polarization of America is almost complete. On one side the Republicans will support Donald Trump no matter what he says, and the Democrats will hold to Hillary Clinton no matter what she does, so what you have is a bean count with no rhyme or reason. Between the two groups there is a vast wasteland of ideas, and opinions where most of us really live. Verily, verily I say unto you that the real condition of the country is beyond the agendas of the two parties.

There is a big push to either throw all the Muslims out of the country, or at least stem the tide of immigration. Now, when you analyze the opinion of most people, while agreeing with the idea of national security, will not really want to deport the guy down at the Quickie Mart with whom they’ve been trading with for ten years, yet as supporters of the conservative end they must give lip service to exactly that! And the Muslims bring this upon themselves by demonstrating the exact same apathy! A bomb goes off, a nightclub. Is shot up, and the majority of the Islamic community is quietly sitting on the sidelines. This is in part human nature.

Then there is gun control. The constitutional purist wants complete freedom for any citizen to own and carry any gun. When it is proposed to not allow people on the “no fly” list to have a gun the right goes spastic, but consider; would you really be comfortable with some foreigner being able to buy a gun when he isn’t even allowed to buy a plane ticket? Hey! We’re in that middle ground again. Expand it to this: “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Foreign students here on a visa are not “the people!” And, right back on the so-called “Terrorist Watch List!” The guy in Orlando; interviewed three times by the FBI, allowed to buy guns, and he wasn’t a person of interest? Meanwhile, Doc Greene is all over their radar because he supports the constitution! Now, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, but I just can’t get my mind around that. With what I write, every time they let me on a plane I think it’s my birthday!

Immigration. The left wants an open border with everyone singing “Kumbaya!” The right wants to seal the border off, and neither side understands that we already have laws concerning immigration that if only enforced would solve the problem. The one problem with people coming in now is they are not American, nor do they want to be American. They are not “The people!” They want to drag all the trappings of their country of origin with them, indeed replace the very structure of America with the very system they were supposedly fleeing in the first place. Sharia Law!

Political correctness. Just look at one of Hillary’s main lures to the left. We’ve had a black president (well, mostly black) so now we need a woman president. What’s next? A transgender president? Hey, I have an idea. Why not an Apache president? Even our very freedom of speech is threatened by political correctness. “Free Speech Zones!” What is that? And the “N” word? When you are talking to a black person, and use the phrase, “The ‘N’ word,” YOU JUST CALLED HIM THE ‘N’WORD! Not only that, you just reinforced the barrier that still exists between him and you because you just reminded him that after all is said and done, he’s still the “N” word. And you’re looking wimpy and stupid while you do it! It’s so simple to understand this when you’re a “Cracker,” I mean “C” word.

Common sense is required here, folks. Also, an understanding of America, it’s people, it’s government, and its traditions. When I was in school, back in the day, it was mandatory here that you had to take Texas History, and civics. Now we have a whole crop of kids that think Dr. King freed the slaves. We need to clean up shop. If the children of this nation are taught what made America great, and at least know there is a Bill of Rights, then we’ll still have conservatives and liberals in twenty years, but at least they will be informed conservatives and liberals.

Bill the Butcher
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I write right off the top of my head. I'm direct, funny, and simple. The key word is, "simple." I have a high school education from Killeen High in Killeen, Texas, and that's about as illiterate as you can be, and they still let you drive a car. No use trying to slander me. If you want to dig dirt on me you'd better bring a dump truck, because friend, I've done it all. If there was anything I missed it's only because no one told me about it, because if they did, well, I'd have done that, too! I call myself, "A Simple Ol' Boy From Austin," because when I fall short I can always say, "Hey, I told you from the start that I was stupid."


  1. I greatly disagree with Bills' statement concerning Republicans supporting Donald; as mentioned in the second paragraph. I have read comments in various forums from "republicans" who refuse to support Mr. Trump, I have personally talked to 'republicans' who say they will not vote for "The Don". I can only hope that these hard core republicans will acknowledge the danger presented to this nation and any "party" which challenges the dems' agenda, and take the gamble that Donald Trump will turn America around and put her back on track again.