National Identity: The Lie of the Left


The Left just can’t make racism stick to the Tea Party or our Conservative candidates. This is why they continually look for racism, except where it really occurs: on the Left.

If Donald Trump had accepted the Margaret Sanger award or declared a 40+ year member of the KKK was his “friend and mentor,” you can bet he would be called a racist. And he would actually BE a racist.

Yet Hillary Clinton admitted that eugenicist Margaret Sanger, a woman who called black people “human weeds” and built an organization now named Planned Parenthood to exterminate blacks was her idol, with no repercussions whatsoever. As for KKK Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd, she indeed referred to him as her “friend and mentor.” I don’t usually pull the race card usually, but befriending members of the Klan certainly has me looking into renewing mine.

As an America who happens to be black, a member of the Tea Party, and majority owner in greatest social media site for Conservatives in the world, the Tea Party Community, I know what the Tea Party is all about. There is nothing, repeat nothing racist about the Tea Party Community.

Liberals love distortions. They constantly tell you about themselves when they point fingers. Take Brexit for example.

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, the writer claims that countries who want their sovereignty are racists. Sounds familiar, when you replace “country” with “individual.” HuffPo reports:

Brexit represents a growing trend in worldwide populist movements that threaten to undermine democracy, both in Europe and in the U.S.

In the U.K., a small, wealthy, white, rightwing upperclass has deliberately stoked its country’s xenophobia into a belligerent nationalism that now threatens its very existence.

Let’s just look at the basic lack of logic in this comment.

Now the upper crust in Britain is 52 percent of the population? Based on the outcome of the Brexit vote, the author suggests that more than HALF of Britain is wealthy, white, right-wing, and upper class. If that were the case, outside of “white”, I would move to Britain in a “white” New York minute. Moreover who would leave an EU where 52 percent of the country is saddled with wealth?

The next fallacy to the author’s insane assertion is the implication that Britain is made up solely of white people.

In 2011, Britain was 87 percent white, heavily white, but certainly not exclusively. Nonetheless, an article in The Daily Mail estimates that by 205o Britain will be 33 percent ethnic minorities. So for Leftist, Britain was certainly headed in the brown direction, and fast.

Let’s be clear: the ethnic make-up is not the overriding point of sovereignty. Put another way, Britain could be 99 percent white, yet owe nobody an explanation as to why they decided to leave the UK.

Notwithstanding, I’ve never heard a Liberals question the racial makeup of Muslim countries. I looked at the racial makeup of Saudi Arabia for “shiggles”, and found that Saudi Arabia is 90 percent Saudi, and 10 percent “Afro-Asian”. There are not enough whites in Saudi Arabia to make the chart. And you can bet, there is nobody calling for the “whitening” of Saudi or anywhere else.

The author’s next point is what he says caused this “racism.” He writes:

The usual conditions of growing inequality, rising poverty, and poor economic opportunity allow such demagogues to manipulate the masses to further their own financial and political agenda.

Any idea as to who caused the problems that supposedly caused the problem, ergo the “demagogues”? Laughably the author of this drivel ignores that Liberals caused the inequality, rising poverty and poor economic opportunity he mentions. Britain, like most of the world has been on the quickened pace to socialism for decades. Socialism, ergo “unifying” by way of the EU all the countries problems is what has led to the ills of the world.

The “union” always presents itself as the cure for all the ills. The EU was supposed to bring prosperity to Europe in a variety of ways. One currency, amazing trade deals, and ultimately ONE nation without borders.

The problem occurs when you have far too many lazy people wanting to share in the prosperity, and nobody is allowed to say anything, due to political correctness.

Leftist wonder why people want to get away from a union where Greece, Italy, and France are almost bankrupt? And those countries are only the beginning.

Why would any country want to leave that UTOPIA?

One guess as to who the author blames? He writes:

What’s dangerous is that this race-baited anger has been fueled here at home by Donald Trump, whom my German friends refer to as America’s Hitler. The exploited anti-immigration paranoia in the U.K. parallels directly to the flames Trump has been fanning since he began his presidential bid.

That’s right…Donald Trump. Even his “German friends” call Trump Hitler, and they should know, right? After all, Zay are Czhermans!

Forget that the impetus for Brexit precedes Trump by decades. Why worry with fact, reason, and logic when promoting a false narrative. And I always love it when Leftists can’t defend their positions, they bring up the work of other Leftists, as the author does here.

Ian Haney Lopez, constitutional law scholar specializing in the evolution of racism, has penned an eye-opening account in his book Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class. He reveals that since the civil rights movement, racism didn’t vanish; it simply went underground, and surfaced through coded language and political policy. These racial appeals carefully manipulate hostility toward nonwhites by repeated blasts about criminals and welfare cheats, illegal aliens and sharia law.

Lopez must be an expert, since he specializes in racism. Misidentifying racism, that is.

This Leftist talks of codes, dog whistles, underground racism and so on, in a book that doesn’t reference Trump at all. The book was copyrighted in 2014, so it certainly wasn’t about anything Trump has done on the campaign trail. In full disclosure, I haven’t read the book, however I’m willing to bet dollars to dog turds, that Trump is not in it.

Nevertheless, the author wants to create guilt by association  for Trump, and the “hidden” racism the book obviously discusses.

Let’s talk “identity” and open racism. Like the open racism of Muslims who won’t accept Muslim refugees. Or the open racism of Christophobia Muslims who won’t allow Christianity in their countries.

How about the open racism of low expectations that constantly happens to people of color all over the world. And what of the “racism” of Morocco, who left that African Union in 2007. The author said nothing of their anti-African sentiment.

Finally, what about the open racism of eugenicist Margaret Sander idolizing, KKK Senator Robert Byrd friend and protege, Hillary Clinton.

We teach children to respect their names. We have companies like who help us to discover who we are; our identities. But according to the Left we are not to seek our identities?

There are companies set up to prevent identity theft, yet we are not to concern ourselves with identity?

Ask an orphan what he or she seeks most. It’s their identity. They seek to know who they are, in order to understand who they are.

So why can’t a country have an identity?

When I think of Britain, I know its identity. The same is true of France, Austria, Germany, and so on. Identities are important, which is why Britain decided to recovery its identity. Before it’s too late.

The reason the Left don’t want us to have identities is they know who they are.


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Kevin Jackson is a father of four sons, and an unlikely success story, given his background. He is a former management consultant having some of the world’s largest companies as his former clients. Interaction with prominent business leaders, as well as being a business leader himself has provided Jackson real world perspective to politics.


  1. It's all the liberals have. I downloaded Ben Shapiro's book about how to fight the left. It's so obvious once it's pointed out. Racist, bigot, xenophobe….etc is all they have.