The Week in Review

Week in review

Week in reviewThe week in review. Been a good week, all in all. You know, you get up in the morning, and have coffee to dissipate the fog, and you have nothing on your mind. Then, you read the news. I’m kinda like Will Rodgers. I don’t have to put a humorous spin on anything, I just read the news, and report the facts. Take Hillary, for instance. If the FBI was looking into ANYTHING I do I’d ALREADY be in Mexico! And Obama! I think he looks into the mirror each morning, as he shaves and asks himself, “What is the most batshyt crazy thing I can pull off today?” Bernie Sanders. Guy’s like what, eighty? I’ll be willing to guess that there were odds makers in Vegas taking bets on if he’d live through his first term. Trump. Hey Donald, better check on the vote before you tweet from Scotland, ok buddy?

But, between ISIS declaring war on Turkey, and the general confusion over restrooms here we managed to get through another week. It was nice that the Fourth of July landed on a Monday making the weekend a nice package. Speaking of packages, I endured the traffic jam at the liquor store last night right before closing time. You see in Texas the Baptists won’t let you buy whiskey on Sunday, and hold beer back until they get out of church. Texans can never plan far enough ahead to save at least one beer for the dry area between midnight Saturday and noon on Sunday, and yeah, I’m among that crowd.

So, here’s wishing everyone a happy holiday. Independence Day celebrates the era between 1776 and King Bush the first’s inauguration, where he sold us all to the prince of Saudi Arabia. But it was great, wasn’t it. Anyway, whiskey makes it all go away, at least until Sunday morning.
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