Offended! (The Emperor Has No Clothes)



If you accept the idea of the first amendment solidifying freedom of speech, the you simply must accept that said freedom contains the possibility of offending someone because the spread of ideas will bring about differences of opinion on subjects, and long held beliefs. The problem arises when offense occurs and the reaction of the offended goes off the rails, and rather than resorting to a challenge, or respond in a civilized and vocal fashion an attack ensues in an effort to silence the offender. Political correctness has muzzled free speech and stifled ideas to the point where it has become dangerous even to have opposing viewpoints, much less express them openly.

As bad as it is with religious sects censoring their own adherents, the attempt to censor critics from outside the circle is abominable. People will hold to the wildest ideas as they attempt to fill that “God hole” in their heads, and these ideas are without any empirical evidence. The Muslim clings to the Qu’ran while the Mormon, likewise, has a firm grip on the Book of Morman. Both works are plagiarized efforts. If you were to copy as many ideas from other works, and incorporate them in a book to be claimed as an original work today you would be sued in a court of law. The authors of both compositions skirted this by claiming supernatural influences, thereby enticing the easily duped, looking for direction, into a very deep God hole which takes a superhuman effort to shake off, and climb out of.

C.A.I.R. or the Council on American Islamic Relations tries to pound home the idea that only one percent of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world are radicalized. That gives us sixteen million people bent on killing any high school cheerleader who wears a short skirt at a football game. That number is larger than the entire total of Mormons in the world. In other words every single Mormon, no matter what level of faith, would have to be absolutely bat-crazy if they were ever to come up to the level of radical Islam. That having been said, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has its one percent, too. And they base their radical views of just as shaky ground as the jihadists.

Mohammed had an angel, Joseph Smith had an angel. Everybody had an angel. The Angels were bent upon stealing other people’s works, and giving them to the select “prophet” under the guise of divine and “final” revelation. The word “final” is of upmost importance here, because when something is “final” it puts the brakes on dissenting ideas. Then that opens the gates to “heresy” and ultimately solutions about what to do with said heretics. All of this based on what the believers “feel” when the “truth” is revealed to them.

Jesus never wrote a grocery list. He walked around in sandals telling the population that the powers that be had completely misinterpreted the Torah, and were making a ton of shekels doing it. In stark contrast, both Mohammed, and Joseph Smith based their multi-national corporations on a composition, and this in and of itself is amazing because both men were illiterate, or semi-illiterate which is readily exposed if you simply read their ideas. This comes under Murphy’s law of paradox i.e. if you have an idea that is beyond belief a host of people WILL believe it. It’s so crazy that it simply MUST be true!

Both belief systems cannot survive without curbing all opposing views. The revealed “truth” remains in the guarded custody of a small group of men with vested interests in perpetuating the myth, and making sure the faithful pray, pay, and obey. Both systems rise in religious fervor when they are “offended,” and women seem to offend them a lot! Did you ever notice that when you have a religion, dominated and run by men, women’s dress is very important, and the control of women’s bodies is very high on the list of priorities?

American society must be open. Even if you don’t like ideas, or change, you must expose yourself to the possibility of being offended if you’re ever going to grow, or if you ever hope to reinforce your own ideas. Being offended means someone has questioned you. They have put something into your world that simply doesn’t fit. Then, you have the choice to either make it fit, or abandon the concept and move along. If you wish to believe in angels, fine, but don’t go into a hissy-fit because someone asks you where the “golden tablets” are now, and then laughs when you tell them the angel took them back to heaven. Likewise, don’t blow up a building because someone drew a picture that offends you.

We, as a race, are evolving. The ideas from a desert cult, be it the Sahara, or Mojave, are exposing themselves as being “old school,” and both systems will pass in time simply because the human race will not stand for it anymore. You don’t have to be an atheist to realize that the creator of the universe did not give us reason to be unreasonable. When you hear a “prophet” pronounce something that offends you simply realize the emperor has no clothes!

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