The Death of Alton Sterling


Death of Alton Sterling

If any event has galvanized the American consciousness it’s the death of Alton Sterling. The event hit the airwaves with the usual spin, poor black man just standing around singing gospel music, and mean old cops shot him to steal his watch, which we all know is ludicrous. From there he was portrayed as a depraved pedophile lurking about to inflict whatever mayhem he might upon an unsuspecting populace. Neither of these scenarios reflect reality.

Mr. Sterling was a man who supplemented his income selling CDs and DVDs near a “Quickie-Mart” in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The owners of the store portrayed him as being a congenial old boy whom everyone liked. Apparently, one person thought differently, and called 911 “in fear for his life.” Most of you have seen the video, two police officers forcing Sterling to the ground, and while wrestling with him become in fear for THEIR lives upon discovering that there was a gun about, as opposed I suppose, to their own guns. While one officer secures Alton’s arms the other fires three to six shots (there are questions about this) into his chest and back, thereby saving Louisiana for God, family, and mom’s Apple pie, can I have a round of applause for America? We had the death of Alton Sterling.

Upon seeing the video(s) of the death of Alton Sterling, the governor of Louisiana distanced the state from the proceedings by dumping the entire mess into the lap of the Justice Department, which is where it was heading anyway, five officers were killed in Dallas in retribution, and, yet again, the nation divided itself into two camps, the white, and the not so white, and of course the liberals who are more of an eggshell white. Obama came to Dallas and gave a lecture on slavery. Attacks, and attempted attacks on police have skyrocket across the country, and even police stations aren’t safe as it becomes open season on the thin blue line.

While I support the police, and certainly do not advocate a society without them, the events in Baton Rouge were stupid. One strand of logic says that we should never resist police, but only of late has such disobedience carried a death sentence. Indeed, I, myself, put my hands out of my car when pulled over for a routine traffic stop. How did we get there? If our society has become so dysfunctional that we are treated as Taliban for the smallest infraction maybe we need to change societies.

This behavior has been cultured for years, and it will take years to turn it around. No one law, no gun control, and Black Lives Mattering will fix this. The best innovation ever has been the cell phone camera, which brutally displays the truth for millions of YouTube addicts to screen. Nothing can diminish the sight of Alton Sterling dying, arms outstretched, with his gun still in his pocket. Then the death of Alton Sterling changed history. Meanwhile, America charges down the rabbit hole dug by race baiting opportunists, and it ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun!

Bill the Butcher
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