You Thought I Was Kidding

Was kidding

Was kiddingYou thought I was kidding when I told you we were at war, didn’t you? Now three more officers are dead in Baton Rouge. While the act of pinning a man to the ground, and executing him is deplorable, the attack on the police forces across the country are equally unacceptable. Normal police functions are now interrupted across the nation. everything from traffic tickets to delivering babies is secondary to officers simply trying to survive. People, you do NOT want this brave new world.

You thought I was kidding when I told you that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization with agendas to force the nation into martial law in order to keep Obama in office. I based that on texts and emails between Ms. Lynch and the BLM movement, itemizing methods needed in order to disrupt not only the Republican convention, but the Democrat one also, because if the orderly selection process is circumspect then the only safe path is to continue status quo until the issues are resolved, and that, my friends, is four more years of the same and the final solution to the “constitutional” issues, our gun rights, and UN control of the government.

You thought I was kidding when I told you that less than three percent of the population will try to seize the government and turn us into a third world nation. Well, friends, when one quarter of a population is on the dole you already HAVE a third world nation, not to mention all of our “guest” from south of the border courtesy of the immigrant in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

You thought I was kidding when I told you it was insane to even have Hillary in the race against a businessman who simply wants to make America great again. Well America is no longer great, but Texas is, and we’re OUTTA HERE! I told you as the American Dream collapses Texas will again raise its head among the nations, and the nations will welcome us. The government will not be able to address secession with Black Lives Mattering coast to coast. The end will come when they succeed in destroying the entire structure and the food stamps run out because fact: They can’t FEED themselves, and Texas sure won’t!

You thought I was kidding about all these things. Well, I wasn’t, and Texas isn’t kidding now. We’ll just take the US constitution, they’re not using it right now. We’ll take what’s left of their industry. We will welcome people looking for freedom and peace, and we will build a nation, because folks . . . We’re NOT kidding!

Bill the Butcher