The Joy of Living Alone

Living alone

Living alone

The joy of living alone has come home to me this week. While my article “Amy” has some success, I would have much rather written about the Republican convention. I did notice while Trump blew through with the party raising him to the rank of nominee, as opposed too presumptive nominee, the media, having been deprived of that adjective, centered on party disunity every time a delegate went to the bathroom.

I am going to predict here that the general election will be about the same. Hillary will rattle her sword, wave Bill at the crowd, and pick and choose which questions she’ll answer during a press conference, but on that first Tuesday in November the dogs are all going to come home, and we’ll see how good she is at giving a concession speech.

So, what kind of president will Donald Trump be? Well, he won’t be bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. Then there’s that wall. Folks, I know a few Mexicans, and I don’t believe a wall is going to keep them out. Laws keep them out, or at least get them back when they are caught here. We ARE a nation of immigrants, and if you don’t have a feather in your hair then you are an immigrant. We simply have to enforce the laws that we already have. Jumping the border should stop being an entitled joy ride, and we need to make it desirable to do it the right way. Also, please note that Mexico is not a nice place to live if you are lower class. The president of Mexico has made several statements claiming how Trump wanting to build that wall is an attack on the Mexican people. DUDE! You’re running the country so good that people are swimming rivers, jumping fences, and walking across deserts just to get out!

Trump says he’ll repeal a bunch of executive orders penned by Obama. Actually, I think he’ll read them first. Trump is an organization man. He is a real estate broker. Real estate brokers deal in brick and mortar and very basic math. Little “bottom line” reasoning won’t hurt the economy. Gay marriage, bathrooms, and marijuana? I’ve noticed he just steps away. When asked about which bathroom Bruce Gender could use at Trump Towers he said any one he wants. He didn’t say he approved of the life style, just that he had other things on his mind beyond where people pee. I wonder if Bruce squats, but I digress.

You won’t see the “Donald” repealing the second amendment, claiming a thug could be his son, and to be frank, his wife and daughters will make a very fashionable addition to the White House. I don’t think you’ll see Black Lives Matter stopping any more traffic, or wild-eyed Muslims chanting in the streets. And, there’ll be excesses. We’ve had eight years of excesses, it’ll take eight more years to at least attempt to equalize the ship of state. At least President Trump will know the protocol involved when in the presence of the Queen of England, and won’t misspeak at the funeral of four police officers. Oh, and he throws one hell of a dinner party, too! As for me, I’m rediscovering the joy of living alone.

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