Alex Hill’s Grave

Alex Hill's Grave
  1. Alex Hill's GraveThis fight with the Utah Department Of Child and Family Services is not my first encounter with an out of control agency farming children. There was a little girl. There is a piece of hallowed ground. There is a grave in Texas. It is the grave of a little girl, and it’s being desecrated. Alex Hill’s grave. The struggle with the CPS (Child Protective Services) has been a long and rocky road. My involvement began with my daughter in law, Jackie. I won’t relate the details here because stories of abuse by the department are amazingly similar, and frankly, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I entered the fight as a fire brand, and associated myself with Jim Black of Angel Eyes Over Texas. Jim is a consummate negotiator with his eye on real results. I am more of a “Kill ‘em all, let God sort ‘em out” kinda guy. That is a ruse, the truth is deeper than that.

When Doc Greene jerked me off that porch, and thrust me into Texas politics I was retired. I knew about as much about politics as my dog, Cleo. Oh, by the way, brown lives with white paws matter. I digress. Either by design, or dumb luck, Jim and I began to “Mutt and Jeff” the CPS. While he made endless trips to courts, and senate sub-committees I was constantly giving the illusion of trying to dump the pellets into the gas chambers that I hoped were loaded with CPS case workers. But something was happening below the surface.

When you associate with people like Tom and Kathy Glass, Crystal Lee Laramore, Doc Greene, and Ted you learn. To be honest, not all CPS workers are monsters. There are some who lay flowers on Alex Hill’s grave, and fight behind the scenes to make the department do the job it was meant to do, protect the defenseless. Slowly, the landscape began to change, and while not perfect, the Protective Services we face today is vastly different from the one that knocked on my door seven years ago.

When I did the article, “Amy” I found it distasteful. In came off like a Hollywood gossip column, and reminded me of my own battle with CPS. Old memories came back, and Jackie’s ghost sat beside me. She wrote a song, “Empty Chairs,” but the chairs aren’t empty, folks. They’re filled with dark, and painful memories. The only problem with Amy’s story is it’s not totally true. I said in the article, and in a video that I know little or nothing about Amy’s “case.” While this is true, I most certainly know about her mindset because I was exposed to it for five days.

While I hide behind the mask of “A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin” I’m far from that. I have become an investigative journalist with people digging facts for me to put into my articles. Ninety percent of these facts you will never see. But there’s something more. The actions of people like Amy discredit the work of people like Jim, disrespects the tears of the mothers who have lost their child, and to be honest, desecrates little Alex’s grave! For all of the flamboyance, Amy hasn’t changed one comma in the CPS code book.

Let’s be honest. While most people view CPS with a jaundiced eye, when you see the cops roll up, and the children come out on the way to the white van, there is just a little, “What did they DO?” in the back of your mind. The CPS IS the legal authority, charged with protecting children, so when you see it you know these people would probably not go through this heart tearing move without some reason. We, in the resistance, have had to overcome the stigma of being a bunch of child abusing nuts, and it’s been an uphill run all the way. Then, along comes an “Amy” and becomes the poster child for the entire movement. Put another flower on Alex’s grave.

There is a type of personality that will develop scenarios, backed up with mountains of “evidence” that seems to have some validity, but if you dig just a little you will find the truth. One lie. That’s all it takes is one lie, and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Now, I’m not going to slander. I won’t cite endless examples. Remember I told you about that ninety percent I never write about? The personality here does not have an eye on a goal, only on themselves, and that’s what it’s all about. The difference? Jackie threw herSELF under the white CPS bus to save her children.

Do not subscribe to these people. When you see a mountain of “evidence” ask yourself what that mountain is trying to cover? The struggle to reform CPS is ongoing, with good people on both sides. The fact is, we NEED to protect the defenseless. If we can ignore the Narcissistic actions of some people then perhaps little Alex may rest in peace.


Things that folks are made of

Like faith, and hope, and sometimes love

Things that make us act the way we do

I’ve got a theory in my head

It’ll be there until I’m dead

And I’d like to pass my theory on to you


Was doing fine and then One day

They came and took my kids away

I knew I’d never see their smiles again

The State Of Texas took my life

’Cause I was just a drunk man’s wife

And when you’re down it’s hard to find a friend


Life’s a circle we all know

There ain’t new ways to go

And if you stay home you’ll probably be just fine

Broken dreams and empty chairs

We’ll all face the fire down there

And I hope yours burns cooler than mine. 


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