Donald Trump’s Stance


Donald Trump's Stance

It positively amazes me how liberals continue to ridicule Donald Trump’s stance against illegal immigration, and the importing of terrorists to our shores. Ok, not all Mexicans are in drug cartels, and a lot of Muslims don’t even go to services on a regular basis. I got that, but when you pursue that line of reasoning you put an acceptable quota on terrorism and crime. It’s like, “Ok, only three percent rape, murder, and blow things up. We can live with that.” Then the rationale of punishing the other ninety-seven percent being unfair misses the point.

It works like this: Take Muslims, for instance. We have to make it clear to them that they need to police their ranks. You want to be in America, BE AMERICAN! You know who the radicals are. Don’t just sit there when you find them. They don’t need to be in your Mosques. Imams preaching about jihad don’t need to have a pulpit. Honor killings in the USA? Are you kidding me? If you want your women to wear burkas, fine! But, don’t go into a rant when someone orders a bacon cheese burger at McDonald’s! Remember, you all pretty much look alike, talk funny, and smell funny. (Racist enough for you?) If you don’t wise up you are about to see a brave new world come January, 2017!

We are blessed in America. When the European Union opened its arms to the refugees they let the fox in the hen house. Now feathers are flying everywhere. I am confused when a guy takes out nine people at a shopping mall and even though ISIS claimed responsibility, the authorities can find no direct connection to the group. Do they think these guys have certificates hanging on the wall? This is a shadow army. And Germany? Aren’t these the guys who gave us Hitler? We seriously need a panties check here. The fact is, Hitler had the run of the chicken coop until America and Russia stepped in. Well, what do we have now? Putin stepped up. Obama went to Europe and came back with a weather report. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Oh, sure, we hear about this guy, or that guy at the top of the ISIS tree being taken out, but they still control vast areas of land, and they’re setting up government! Donald Trump’s stance is, “NOT HERE!”

And Hillary? Don’t get me started. She single handedly tore apart the Middle East, and gave it to Radical Islam. Not even our ambassador was safe. She was only the Secretary of State then, can you imagine what Madam President could do? The day she takes the oath of office ISIS will be dancing in the streets, OUR streets! But, the liberals love her. “Well, we had our black president, now for our woman president,” what’s next? Bruce Gender?

Donald Trump’s stance is simple. STOP! America first! Did you know that China runs articles every day stating in no uncertain terms that if Trump takes office it will mean war? You know why? Because the morning that Donald Trump sits down in the Oval Office he’s going to hand them their face. They’ll lose their hat, and all their cattle. This charade of world power status will disappear like a bowl of rice, and they’ll have to start competing on a world stage filled with fed up people.

Trump is not perfect, but he’s not Imperfect either. He is an American. He has dealt with the Chinese, and that’s what they’re scared of. They know they have a paper mache economy. Notice that the very phrase, “America First” sets off places like China, Mexico, and the Middle East. It’s been “America Last” for so long that’s become the norm. Well, they’d better start swimming, or they’ll sink like a stone, because times, they are a-changing

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