Why A New Republic of Texas?

Republic of Texas


Republic of TexasWhen you read blogs about the forming of a Republic of Texas it sounds like the range is from tongue in cheek humor all the way over to dangerous fanaticism. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Texas is a diverse country, that’s right, I said country. We have never been a state, if you define a state as being like, say, Wisconsin. Texas was formed from revolution, much as the US was. It was not a territory made up of people who really considered themselves to be Americans, but rather people who came here because the wanted a new start. David Crockett said it well when he said, “You all can go to hell, I’m going to Texas!”

We made a mistake throwing in with the Confederacy, whom we had absolutely nothing in common with, the Republic of Texas should have exercised its right to declare for Republic right then, and let the Americans fight it out among themselves. Since the end of the Civil War Texas has been moving insidiously toward becoming a de facto Republic. It has worked to keep American interests on notice that doing business in Texas is not business as usual. We let up a little, one example being second mortgages, another allowing branch banks, something unknown when I was in high school.

As the US dives deeper and deeper into catastrophe, the Republic of Texas’ position becomes more and more solidified. And this is no joke folks! Barak Obama isn’t a bad president, he’s not a good president, he’s an AMERICAN president, and that makes him vulnerable to all the special interests that have virtually dissolved the American economy. These interests have so polluted the American image that even Russia appears to be a better place to live than America! Putin looks like a better statesman than the president. Now, I’m just a simple old boy from Austin, but did I miss something here?

Our military was once the greatest in the world, but just look at the world shift since WWII. Korea, we drew a line in the sand, the North Koreans pee pee’d on it, and sixty sum-odd years later their bladders haven’t run out yet! Vietnam, uh, we lost! Winning a war is where the other side gives up, and prays to God you never come back. Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re still there, and they’re still fighting. And why is this? It is not because we can’t beat them. It is because the special interests are more interested in THEIR interests than they are AMERICAN interests. The very idea that the biggest military power on the planet can’t defeat a bunch of rice farmers is insane!

Enter the Republic of Texas. The mental attitude of Texans is “National.” We’re not Wisconsin proud of our cheese, or Idaho, proud of our potatoes, we’re Texans, proud to be a nation with resources, and goals in line with reality! We petitioned the Obama administration to let us branch off. The response was as expected. Not knowing anything about history, or Texas, Eric Holder mistook us for Nebraska and vomited out a pre-printed response. At that point we realized we were dealing with a bunch of fools and put plan B into action. Plan B is simply to become a Republic. We realize the US is dissolving. Given time they won’t be able to enforce anything. Right now their attitude is, “If you don’t do what we say we won’t give you any more of our counterfeit money!” Thank God we don’t need anything from them. Their welfare, Obamacare, and taxes will destroy all incentive for anyone with any common sense at all to invest in them. Detroit collapsed. Austin expanded.

And there are those who will get all upset that i mentioned Obama in this article but I don’t have any views of him different from the last five American presidents. He is a product of a failed enterprise. He will continue along the course of self destruction that the last few administrations put into place and by then the Republic or Texas will be up and running, and we will NOT give them any foreign aid!

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