Here’s Your Sign


Here's Your Sign

Here’s your sign! Of all the events in the last week, one stands out from all the rest. As most of you know, we had a fire. It wasn’t a spectacular fire, but it got our attention. We had the insurance and Red Cross kick in, and it was during a trip to the Red Cross that I had an epiphany. I don’t have many of those because I’m an anti-theist. I’ve given up on Santa Clause and tax refunds, too, but I did have a moment of clarity. On the window of the Red Cross office were two signs. One explained that anyone with a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) was not permitted to bring their weapon inside. Opposing this, on the other side was a similar sign explaining that the same rule applies those of similar license who preferred to carry openly. Here’s your sign.

Now, just by the nature of the beast, common sense would tell you that anyone jumping through all the hoops required to purchase their Bill of Rights back would not risk them by running up against the establishment. They’d leave their gun in the car. Now, here’s the epiphany; there wasn’t a third sign forbidding thugs, rapists, homeboys, ISIS, or liberal democrats, so I imagine they were permitted. As stupid as “gun free zones” are, wouldn’t the simple gun inside the circle sign? Why target law abiding citizens? Here’s your sign.

We all have heard the logic that an armed society is a polite society, but when you actually observe this oxymoron it drives it home. So, you go through the class, take the test, endure the background check, and hope and pray that you don’t have a parking ticket somewhere, or an irritated ex-wife, so you can surrender your protection and line up with the rest of the sheep waiting for the usual fifteen to thirty minute response time from the police while some degenerate pops off rounds because his order at McDonald’s was messed up! Here’s your sign.

The harassment by police on citizens trying to carry protection extends way back. Before the Luby’s shooting in Killeen, Texas there was a concentration on citizens carrying, and in Texas, it was all illegal. Even now if stopped by a routine traffic stop things get, “complicated.” When answering to the affirmative if you have a gun or not, while the cop is HOLDING your CHL, the gun must be seized, racked, displayed on the hood, along with the bullet if you were locked and loaded, and of course the obligatory fifteen-minute lecture on gun safety. Never MIND the officer is probably locked and loaded. And when they SEE a gun, even in the trunk they yell, “GUN!” Wouldn’t it be cool if every time a cop goes into a donut shop everyone screams, “GUN?” Here’s your sign.

The signs drove home a point to me. Gun control people are nuts. They are the same kind of people who’ll tell you sharks don’t like to eat people, they just mistake swimmers for seals, and after taking one bite, they realize their mistake and spit the bite out. “Sorry, dude, here’s your arm back.” An armed society is a polite society! Even a good dog has a right to bite, and I’m not getting shot by obeying some politically correct lesbian out in Santa Barbara! Here’s your sign!

Bill the Butcher


  1. Hey, Bill just read this amazing article by you. I really liked the theme and flow with which you wrote it. I do agree that carrying arm is a valid and correct decision in any country. People and society have right to keep it safe and protect from offenders. Keep writing great articles.