Hispanic Woman DEMANDS Workers Speak in Spanish Only, Federal Investigation Started

Joel Sanchez Telling The Press She Was “Discriminated Against”
Joel Sanchez Telling The Press She Was “Discriminated Against”
Joel Sanchez Telling The Press She Was “Discriminated Against”

A Wisconsin Italian ice stand in Milwaukee that made a point to create an English-only ordering policy managed to tip off a Hispanic customer who decided that a federal investigation needed to be conducted on the small business.

According to the report by WITI-TV, Leon’s Italian Ice station on the southern side of Milwaukee has had the policy for almost a decade. However, when customer Joel Sanchez thought it was unfair after hearing a waitress politely ask her to order in English, she filed a federal report.

Sanchez tried to order again later in Spanish and got the same response. When asked why she would try a second time, she said she was “testing their hatred towards her.” She claims that all she is trying to do is “find the why” and that she need to “hear the reasoning behind the policy.”

Maybe Sanchez doesn’t realize that this is America and we have been speaking English here long before she decided to come here and speak Spanish.

Stand Owner Ron Schneider ensured us that the policy is absolutely necessary because it ensures that everything is standardized in his business, allowing it to run smoothly. That is until Sanchez came along with a reason to disrupt it.

And now, with Sanchez behind the movement, The League of United Latin American Citizens is helping to urge for a federal investigation. The league’s advisor Dr. Arturo Martinez had the following to say when we questioned him:

“In the last 24 hours, the Italian Ice stand has received countless requests for federal investigation.”

Members of the League of United Latin American Citizens Protesting Against Mr. Schneider
Members of the League of United Latin American Citizens Protesting Against Mr. Schneider

We aren’t so sure that we believe that Mr. Martinez; it seems like Sanchez was the only one who had an issue. This is probably just another case of the Federal government lying to push its agenda.

Supposedly, Sanchez and the league say that the language policy is in direct violation of federal workplace compliance laws. What happened to the America where a small business could decide how to operate? Apparently, liberals can go around telling us how to live our lives and even how to run our businesses.

Still, stand owner Schneider insists that having to find employees that speak multiple languages will not only disrupt his business but increase his operating costs and lower efficiency. We are going to have to agree with him on this one. Ms. Sanchez, just in case you didn’t know, we live in America now.

Schneider has asked us to share the article on Facebook and help build the word of what’s happening. Right now he is facing possible fines up to $300,000 because of what Ms. Sanchez thinks is “clear discrimination.” With enough shares, we can help Mr. Schneider out and show the courtroom how ridiculous Ms. Sanchez is behaving.

Source:  @ConservativeDailyPost.com


  1. I for one do not speak Spanish and have no intention of learning. Guess Spanish only speaking folks need to avoid anyplace I work or speak English.

  2. Ahhhh…..poor baby got her little feelings hurt. I just everyone has to go learn spanish just so that she can order ice creme in the language of the country SHE left. The country she left to have freedom, a good paying job, a education and the right to complain – BUT not the right to demand that our country is turned into HER old country. assemulate or go back where you came from.