Welcome to the Basket


If you think Hillary was only talking about Trump supporters with her ‘basket of deplorables’ comment, welcome to the basket.

Hillary Clinton has been getting some heat for saying that half of Donald Trump’s supporters would fit into a “basket of deplorables.”  First off, I know what you’re thinking and let’s just get it out of the way:  Yes, deplorable is an adjective, not a noun and as such cannot be pluralized.  Who would expect a presidential candidate to use such bad grammar?

Ok, maybe that was just me thinking that.deplorables

At any rate, I think Stephanie Cutter, whom in my book qualifies as one of, if not the, most vile people living on the planet today, wins the award for honesty surrounding this statement.  When asked about Hillary’s derisive comment, Cutter said that the only problem was that Hillary only said half of his supporters.  Ain’t she a peach?

Hillary added to the comment herself saying that not only were his supporters deplorable, they were irredeemable.  This means that in Hillary’s eyes and presumably in her supporters’ eyes as well (after all, they were laughing right along with her as she said it), twenty-five percent of the population is so evil, so hopelessly deranged, that they deserve no forgiveness, including from God himself.

That is the brush with which she chooses to paint a quarter or more of the American people.

But make no mistake, it wasn’t just Trump supporters that Hillary was talking about.  It was conservatives and Republicans in general.  All of them.

Think of the words she used to fill her basket of deplorables: They were racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, etc. Those are terms that Democrats and liberals have been using for decades to describe everyone on the right, not just the ones willing to pull the lever for Trump.

(Side note—we really should get rid of that outdated phrase, but push the computer screen icon for Trump just doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

So it makes no sense to me that there is a section of conservatives who seem to agree with her.  They pretend that for once they aren’t the targets of the attack, so they play along with her, thinking that it’s easier to stand by the side of the one doing the shooting and abandon the ones being shot at.

I say this because the epithets she shoved into her basket are the same ones the anti-Trump folks have been using against him over the last year.  I have seen conservatives at various points in this election cycle use every one of those insults to try and define him. Sadly, it seems to me that a lot of them are just going for the “I told you so.”  (See? We knew he couldn’t win.  I told you!) It’s discouraging because many of them have been fighting against that stereotype of the right for years. Now they seem dead set on confirming it.

I can respect the opinions of the Never Trump-er’s and the None of the Above’s. I trust that they feel justified in their misgivings, and I would never disparage anyone standing by their principles.  I don’t think that everyone who doesn’t agree with me is necessarily a moron.  I’ll even go on record saying that Donald Trump was not my first choice either.

What I can’t respect is the fact that a lot of them seem to have taken up the liberal strategy of demonizing the person they don’t like. Some conservatives have even turned away from some of their long held beliefs simply because they now share them with Trump.  As follows:

Trump is racist for wanting to defend the southern border.  Funny, because up until he said it, that was a conservative tenet. Republicans have been talking about a wall or a fence since as long as I can remember.  It had nothing to do with race.  It had to do with making sure that our laws as written were followed.  Up until fairly recently, conservatives believed that cheating was wrong, and that included people that cheated to get here, right along with those who cheated and stayed here after their visas expired.  So every Republican who has ever called us a nation of laws or has wanted to increase border security, supportive of Trump or not, goes into her basket.

Trump is xenophobic for not wanting to admit people from areas riddled with terrorism without a complete vetting process.  I thought that protecting Americans was another conservative standard.  The theory of acceptable losses is not acceptable to us.  Bringing in even one or two ISIS radicals that would take the lives of American citizens along simply because we wouldn’t take the time to vet them properly would be blood on our hands.  So anyone opposed to costing ANY American lives because of governmental malfeasance in the name of tolerance goes into the basket.

Homophobic?  That one has nothing to do with Trump or his supporters. It’s not even a factor in this race. That insult points to every person—Republican, conservative, or moderate–who supported traditional marriage. The idea wasn’t based on hatred of gay people; it was based on thousand year old customs and values. It doesn’t matter if you argued for civil unions which would allow the same legal rights as traditional marriage without redefining it, you belong in the basket too.

( Side note—that extends to anyone who believes that a man does not belong in a woman’s locker room or bathroom as well.  Take your place in the basket.)

Trump’s tough stance on terror is Islamaphobic too?  I thought that conservatives had always been part of the peace through strength crowd, so that moniker isn’t new either.  Conservative have always been able to distinguish between peaceful Muslims and radical Islam.  It’s President Obama and Hillary who can’t seem to make that distinction.  We know what radical means.  They apparently don’t.

Conservatives have also been proven correct that merely trying to contain the terrorists hasn’t done squat.  It will take more than a few cursory bombing runs and a couple of drones to take care of them.  So for those that hate Trump, but feel that terrorism should be dealt with harshly, there’s room in the basket for you, too.

These attacks by Hillary aren’t novelties.  Don’t call it a comeback, her and her basket have been here for years.  The only new thing about this is that she took all those names that Democrats have shellacked the right with and put them into one single place.  In this case, a basket.  For once, everyone got to see the insults we have had to contend with for years.

So whether you like Trump or not.  Whether you will vote for him or not.  Whether you’re on board the Trump train or mooning it as it passes by on the tracks, you’re as much a part of Hillary’s basket as you have always been.

Hillary and the Democrats in this election cycle have proven what conservatives have been saying about them for years.  They have become the party of elites.  They have morphed into the “We know what’s best for you” party.  They are the intolerant tolerance party. They are the “think like us or shut your mouth” party.

No matter what you may think of Trump, if that doesn’t describe you, well…welcome to the basket.