WikiLeaks Releases Over 2000 Emails, and Hillary Won’t Be Happy



On a day when the media is salivating over an 11-year-old Donald Trump video where he talks about scoring with a married woman, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks release the first of what could be many ‘October Surprises’ for Hillary and her campaign.

The release of 2050 emails from Hillary campaign chair and longtime Clinton insider John Podesta has been virtually ignored by a media much more focused on Hurricane Matthew and Trump’s best Bill Clinton impression from 2005.  It’s a shame because they further prove just how disingenuous and even dangerous Hillary is to our country.

For starters, it looks like the Trump campaign got at least some of what they asked for as several of her paid speeches are in the email package.  In them, Hillary admits that she’s “kind of removed from the middle class.”  She also goes on to preach her globalist view in favor of open borders and open trade.  With her current stance against TPP, Hillary again proves that she is someone who will say or do anything to get elected.

The email release also shows the strategy the Clinton campaign employed to smear Bernie Sanders, attempting to portray him as sexist and someone with “extreme views on women.”

There’s a lot of information here to digest, none of it good for Hillary.  With nearly 48,000 emails yet to be released, it promises to be a very busy October indeed.  The link to the first 2050 emails is below …


  1. Show me any men or women who never said similar words as Trump?So he’s a man who likes women but that is far better than a Gay or Lesbian as POTUS!We know what we get with Hillary and there’s nothing good anywhere but Trump is raw and with direction could be one of our best presidents.She is a known quantity where as Trump is a man who’s on fire to set this country straight.If the women of this country throw this election just remember you voted your kids and grand children’s further away because of her sex?This is how we got Obama our worse president in our history.I gave everything for my country and it makes me sick that people can’t or won’t see threw a known liar and criminal.