Facebook to Censor Posts With Conservative Leanings

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It’s happening.  Right now.  If you’re posting on Facebook, anything that doesn’t conform to the views of Zuckerberg et al may be considered “hate speech” and subject to censorship.  And if you’re reading this article, there’s a very good chance that this policy will effect YOU.

obamacare study

As Ben Kew from Brietbart reports, “Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have come under considerable scrutiny over the past year after a series of incidents suggesting the site is willing to suppress conservative dissidents.

“In January, Zuckerberg agreed to German chancellor Angela Merkel’s requests to “crack down” on people expressing dissatisfaction with her policy of mass Muslim migration.

“There were also reports that Facebook had been suppressing conservative media such as Breitbart from the site’s ‘Trending Topics’ section, whilst amplifying the relevance of news surrounding movements such as Black Lives Matter”.

Yet another example of why the social media for conservatives, the Tea Party Community, is so needed.  The unwashed PrimaDonna Millennials of Facebook call the truth “hate speech”.  These are the same people who want to jail “climate change deniers” for not buying into the farce of man-made global climate change.  It’s only a matter of time before Facebook bans Conservative views, forcing the few Conservatives remaining to self-censor and only espouse liberal views.