The Army of the Dead


DeadVengeance is mine saith the Lord, and I’ll go with that, but I do take a little myself!  Brigham Young

There is a great army of the dead in America today. So, I said that there can be no better sword or shield than the truth. Without a doubt it has been said many times. So how can I tell if something is true or not? I have a tool to offer, and I came by it in reading some of Gloria Steinem’s latter day work (hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day). She writes thus: The truth is synonymous with the rule; therefore if there is no exception to prove the rule, there can be no means of recognizing the truth. This idea intrigued me, as I have written more than one essay on the truth, and had naturally become a seeker.

Try it as a litmus test in your own life and let me know how it has worked for you. I know around fifty or so people who say it works for them as a truth detector; maybe you will find more of it yourself. I’ve often wondered what makes this little trick work so well, but at this time I don’t have an answer. I have become so inured to denial as a therapist that I can offer another tool I find to be quite effective. I find that often the truth is the hard thing to admit into our thinking. It’s our capacity for creating blind spots that makes it so. It ain’t Gloria Steinem or anybody; I’m just sayin’.

Let’s take it for a quick spin now. When then President Obama created Obamacare it created a grassroots movement in politics. Before a hostile media began attacking the Tea Party from the left, there were democrats liberal, and not so much so in the party. Once this media attack separated people whose long views were compatible, the party became an easy mark for super pacs. You remember, Rush and Bill going at it day and night; Clear Channel sweeping up more than a thousand low megawatt radio stations with one preacher after another doing conservative talk radio. When I listen to TV evangelists I always do it over a martini . . . or two . . .or six. Anyway, Those super packs rented mailing lists, both electronic and home delivery. And then what do you think they did? Blasphemy! I dare you to keep reading. Super packs, media, mind control, but I digress.

So, yeah; they solicited millions of dollars each. Overwhelmingly these contributors who were low to mid income individuals. Congratulations; if you made it this far you can see the exception to the rule. If you contributed, you were the exception to a business that was as corrupt as the government it spawned. Still, they plunked you and took almost all of the money for themselves. Perfectly legal. Now, to be fair, most of the candidates that these jokers claimed to represent sent them cease and desist letters, but the damage was done. Over on Politico Ken Vogel wrote that the Tea Party movement was dead, and in fact, a couple of polls show that only seventeen percent or less of Americans identify with the Tea Party. I bet I sound like a smarty pants laughing at the Tea Party; I am in fact feeling the opposite of humor. There is within me a righteous anger that these bandit style raids on the American people brew in me. These people outright scammed the people of MY country; and it has been devastating. It has made those people MY people cynical so that we no longer respect anyone’s opinion but our own. It has taken the wind out of our sails. Unions busted so that the retirement funds can be stolen; legally! Schools utterly devastated so as to create a voucher system for schools that do not teach our children’s children anymore. Terrorism and war, all for profit, a vice president who made millions on a no contract award to a company which he had part ownership. Huh? Look, the list goes on and on and I’m about as sick of saying it as you are of hearing it.

There is a controlling monopoly in politics. They set the players, push the buttons, and the coffee always comes out with cream and sugar, just like it’s supposed to. Look at the current race. If Mitt Romney were running against Hillary, he’d stomp a hole in her butt, and walk it dry, but the monopoly didn’t want that. They needed an inexperienced person, known to be flamboyant, who, while giving the appearance of running a good race was no match for a consummate politician, in the pocket of the monopoly. These guys run as tight a game as a Vegas casino. The managers of the casinos can predict within one percent how things turn out at the end of the night, and if that percentage begins to slide they just spin the wheel and, it’ll land on the “Green Bastard” every time.

So, what am I getting at? Well, I for one think most people feel pretty much the same as I do. My party has nothing for me, and the other party is anathema. The Tea Party had been my home, but I think Vogel is right. Ned Ryun is right too I think. Mr. Ryun heads up education and support for local and regional Tea Party development, and he says it’s time to go home and start over again; time to roll up your sleeves and build it with your hands. I like that idea. There is a huge army of the dead, but they’re not dead, they are disappointed. They are the heart and soul of America. They ARE the Tea Party, and I want to raise up an army of the dead and head for D.C. because it’s time to take a little ourselves….and that’s the truth.

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