I Crappith Thee Not!


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When I started with Raging Elephants Radio five years ago I had no idea it would go this far. When I stood on the Capitol steps in Austin an proclaimed the Texas Manifesto little did I know that little over a year later I would stand beside the immortal CJ Grisham as he reclaimed at least part of our second amendment rights stolen in 1872.


From there it was off to the Red River to stand with the Finicum family. There is no money in this. You have to love Texas. The Yankees don’t understand that. Beaten die by United States INC, they see no way out when it’s right there looking them in the face.


During these turmoils we see in Virginia and elsewhere you’d think that most people in the country think all of America thinks like the Main Stream Media would have you to believe. That’s just not true! The 99.999% of Americans agree on the American Dream and it’s NOT old men in little girls’ bathrooms!


My road is long, and it’s hard. There’s not enough whiskey in the world to erase little Alex Hill’s face from my mind. BLM, ANTIFA, and all the Alt Right would have you think they speak for the American people. They speak for a very small group of violent, illiterate perverts who would cut your throat, drink your blood and laugh in your face as they drive away in your car. Yes, it’s been a long five years, and I’ve only started.

I Crappith Thee NOT


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