Standing By Stephen K. Bannon…For Now


By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

bannon-coverDonald J. Trump is the president-elect, thankfully, and now with his transition team in place…a good team I might add…Trump is starting to fill key cabinet positions in his administration. And he’s picking good people all around so far what with his original choice of Mike Pence as his Vice-President, and his having Newt Gingrich, Rudi Giuliani, and Dr. Ben Carson on the transition team. But while Trump has every right to fill his cabinet and key advisory positions as he sees fit sometimes one must learn from the mistakes of the past that others have made.

Mistakes and controversies over people picked…remember Obama’s top adviser and puppet master is Iranian operative Valerie Jarrett and Hillary’s top adviser, confident, and BFF is Muslim Brotherhood operative Huma Abedin…both deeply shrouded in controversies…both whose true allegiances remain questionable to this day. And while Trump has solid voices from the past in the running for top cabinet positions, his choice of Stephen K. Bannon as the White House Senior Council and Chief Strategist falls right into the controversial pit…a pit we had hoped with Trump’s election would have been filled-in if you will.

bannon2Now don’t you die-hard riders of the ‘Trump train’ from the beginning think I am turning on Donald J. Trump… know that I most assuredly am not…but I did say from day one that once Trump locked up the nomination I would support him (which I have done) and if elected that I would hold his feet to the fire but in a way to help him not to criticize or condemn him.

But before I focus on Trump’s controversial pick for the above said positions…and before I propose what I consider an alternative not to replace Bannon but to be an adjunct to Bannon and why I do so…let’s digest exactly what Bannon’s duties as White House Senior Counsel and Chief Strategist will be. First, and know that at times these positions do go hand-in-hand, both appointments afford Bannon unlimited and unhindered access to the president where in his role as chief strategist, Bannon would offer strategy advice on both domestic and foreign policy issues to President Trump. Also, as part of his duties, Bannon would advise Trump on what legislation to focus on, when it would be advantageous to negotiate with Congress over a possibly contentious bill, and when to stand strong against Congress…as in when Trump should use the presidential power of the veto.

bannon3And while Bannon would also serve as a bridge of sorts between the Trump administration and those wanting updates on legislation, judicial nominations, and strategy decisions, Bannon would not serve as the Chief of Staff… that position has now been filled by Reince Preibus… which mean that in the Trump administration Steven K. Bannon would not control hiring and administrative decisions, Preibus would.

As for Bannon being chief counsel, this position simply means that he would advise President Trump on all legal issues concerning both the president and his administration while he would actually have no statutory powers and would produce almost no public documents under his name.

Now as for Stephen Bannon’s peccadilloes, if you will, and why he is a raising red flags amongst some not only in the establishment but even by some in Trump’s extended circle, and of course by those on the kumbaya left. But before I get into those specifics let’s get rid of the always pops up at election time and immediately thereafter trash…and in this case trash that Bannon is a racist or an anti-Semite. And why get rid of it…simply because there is no proof positive of either…just hearsay, innuendos, and the words of his ex-wife said in nasty divorce proceedings.

bannon4Instead listen to facts…documented facts like Stephen K. Brannon was both a friend and business partner of Jewish Andrew Breitbart and partnered with Jewish Larry Solov after Breitbart died. When Bannon was Chairman of Breitbart News, Breitbart News stood strong with the pro-Israel community against Obama’s very bad nuclear deal; Breitbart News defended Israel against the anti-Semitic BDS movement whose ultimate goal is the economic destruction of the Jewish State of Israel; and Breitbart News gave avowed Zionist Aaron Klein a platform to speak and advance the cause of the Jewish people. In fact, Yossi Dagan, chair of Israel’s Shomron Regional Council and a major player in Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party, published an open letter confirming Israeli support for Stephen K. Bannon’s appointment.

bannon-pamela-gellerNeed more proof of what Bannon is not…how about what my hero and friend Pamela Geller had to say about Stephen K. Bannon, “I am fortunate to say that I have known and worked with Steve Bannon ever since the tragic passing of Andrew Breitbart. While he was at Breitbart, he would ask me to write articles on pressing issues — usually several times each week. Longtime readers who are deeply familiar with my work know that I am a fiercely proud Jew and unapologetic Zionist. As long as I have known Steve, he has been an unabashed supporter of Israel, and of those of us who fight against Jew-hatred and racism. Unequivocally.”

If Pamela Geller, someone I have the utmost respect for…supports and has confidence in Bannon then so do I.
And while the uber liberal Southern Poverty Law Center claims that Stephen K. Bannon is a racist on the “extremist fringe,” they have absolutely nothing to back that up with except their own words which describe Bannon and his followers in the so-called ‘alt-right’ as “a loose set of far-right ideologies at the core of which is a belief that ‘white identity’ is under attack through policies prioritizing multiculturalism, political correctness and social justice and must be preserved, usually through white-identified online communities and physical ethno-states.” Well without proof…and know they have none…they are doing nothing but blowing hot air and spewing the rhetoric of those who cannot accept the fact that Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of these United States.


bannon5So let’s put the nonsense that Stephen K. Bannon is a racist and anti-Semite to rest, and let’s deal with some of the believed to be legitimate issues concerning this appointment, including that Bannon only became part of Trump’s presidential campaign this past August, and only worked directly hands on with Trump during the waning weeks of the campaign. Others who previously held those positions in question were long-time friends and/or advisers to the president they served, but what people forget is that some people just ‘click’ with another person and this seems to be the case between Bannon and Trump. What is the true concern here should not be the length of time Bannon was on the campaign trail or part of the Trump campaign hierarchy, but should be if Bannon becomes a mere sycophant… yessing Trump on everything instead of advising Trump on proper courses of action.

Another concern is that Bannon…also a movie producer behind the hit ‘American Sniper’…was a Harvard Business School graduate (actually a plus when dealing with economics) who worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs before he co-founded the ‘Government Accountability Institute’…whose mission statement is to “investigate and expose crony capitalism, misuse of taxpayer monies, and other governmental corruption or malfeasance” and then to partner with mainstream media outlets to disseminate those findings to the “broadest audience.” But really folks, the truth about those leading or wanting to lead our country should be told… skeletons and all…and let ‘We the People’ decide if it’s relevant or not to the position they want to hold.

bannon6-use-this-oneAnd immediately upon Bannon’s appointment, CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) chimed in with its executive director Nihad Awad saying of Trump’s appointment of Bannon, “the appointment of Stephen Bannon as a top Trump administration strategist sends the disturbing message that anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and White nationalist ideology will be welcome in the White House.” To that I say to CAIR…as politely as I can…too damn bad as the American people have had quite enough of your muslim whining, terrorist supporting, and oh so anti-American actions. Case closed on that one.

And the above concerns are it folks…some of the main reasons why some are whining and stamping their feet…especially those on the left…about Bannon’s appointment as senior council and chief strategist to President-elect Donald J. Trump. To all this I say give me something of true substance… bet you can’t…and maybe then I’d join in the Bannon-bashing party but until then I, too, stand by Trump’s appointment of Stephen K. Bannon to the above stated positions.

bannon7-use-this-oneHowever, I do have a bit of advice for Donald J. Trump… constructive advice that might actually work to both his and America’s benefit and it concerns the positions itself not the person chosen. Simply, as the chief strategist, Bannon would offer strategy advice to President Trump on both domestic and foreign policy issues, so wouldn’t it be best to split that position into two or possibly three positions having Bannon be chief strategist on domestic issues concerning the economy (after all he is a Harvard Business School graduate)… having let’s say Sheriff David Clarke as chief strategist on domestic security issues and policing matters…and having a military man, say Lt. Col Allen West, as chief strategist on foreign policy as most foreign policy involves military decisions to some degree.

bannon8This allows the chief strategist position to be more focused and detailed on specific areas of concern instead of it being too broadly all-encompassing which I believe does not serve the president nor the American people well as solutions to problems or concerns are usually found in the details…details that might be too much for one individual to weigh through and handle as undoing the damage Barack HUSSEIN Obama has done to this country will surely take a unified team effort.

Now as to the position of senior counsel…a position that means advising the president on all legal issues concerning him and his administration ranging from policy questions, to legal issues regarding signing or vetoing legislation, to ethical questions and financial disclosures, amongst other things. The senior counsel also oversees judicial selection, handles presidential pardons as well as lawsuits against the president in his role as president, and is the White House contact for the Department of Justice.

bannon-last-picNow with Bannon not being an attorney and really having no experience with the above stated duties, and while I know being an attorney is not a prerequisite for this position, I do believe it would be best if the position was at least shared with one, possibly with the president’s personal attorney. And why…because this pairing would avoid any and all concerns that might arise over not just attorney/client privilege but with appearances of impropriety as well that might arise between the counsel and the president.

So while I personally believe that the positions Stephen K. Bannon was appointed to would be better served with others more experienced at least working alongside him, and while Bannon will surely shake up the traditional roles of senior counsel and chief strategist, we owe it to President-elect Donald J. Trump to at least trust his judgment on this appointment for if proves to not work out Bannon can always be replaced. And I also know that if the liberals, the muslims, the haters, and the media are against him then Stephen K. Bannon might indeed very well be the right man for the job.



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  1. so, bannon is supposed to be a good guy because he's pro-zionism. It's really too bad how IGNORANT 99+% of the people are about israel and zionism.
    90% of israelis are ashkenazi jews. They descend from Ashkenaz (see Genesis 10:3). REAL SEMITES descend from Isaac or Ishmael (which includes the Palestinians) so 90% of israelis ARE NOT SEMITES, though they love to scream "anti-Semitism".
    The Zionists are the puppets of the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds were pretty much given the israel area by the Brits in the Balfour Declaration for the Brits bringing the US into WWI (which woodrow wilson later regretted). It was the zionists who with Hitler created the Transfer Agreement whereby all the rich jews could go to israel while the poor jews had to stay in Germany in camps to "work for the war effort" (and NOT get exterminated because Hitler needed them alive. Those who died did so from Typhus)

    Similarly WRONG to bannon are giuliani who covered up the bush family involvement in 911 and newt who is a perennial globalist puppet war monger.
    (stay far away from cruz, whose wife wants to give up US sovereignty to create a North American Union and romney who is just a loser)