Can The Public Be Trusted With Their Own Voice?


For the first few decades of my life, almost all of the news received by the American public came either from newspapers, the radio, or from one of 2-or-3 major Network television news stations. Nobody questioned the news back then, and the media was a reliably faithful watchdog on our Halls of Power and the pols who roamed them within the Beltway.

This 2016 election cycle, all that changed in significant ways. One major party candidate for president decided to circumvent the historical avenues of public address, going around, over and under the usual news organs to speak directly to the American People using rallies, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. Suddenly The Press had no control over the conversation. Of considerably more concern, our Fourth Estate, the vaunted and once-honorable “Press” became our “Fifth Column,” an element of subversion, throwing journalistic ethics and centuries of accepted norms of reportage out the window in favor of openly advocating for one candidate over the other.

For icing on this nasty cake, a hue and cry now rises from The Media for new measures to ensure that “fake news reports” cease to plague our social media platforms.

Right. Our clever and well-intended leaders have decided that people posting “fake news” on social media is a threat to our Republic. Meanwhile, we ignore the fact that nearly all our lapdog news organs spent the past year aggressively sowing so many false narratives that it was hard to keep up with them all; “Trump is way behind Clinton…” “Trump is a joke” “Trump is a racist-fascist-xenophobe-predator” “Trump hates women” “Trump just cannot win…” “Trump hates Mexicans-Muslims-Asians-Blacks” “Trump has no path to 270…” etc., etc, etc. Pretty discouraging for Team Trump, huh? Suffice to say there is some seriously rich irony in these folks worrying that false news might have swayed this election

All the major outlets are practically delirious to tell you how many hours of “free press” they gave Trump. They forget to mention that well over 90% of that “news” was negative and decidedly left-leaning. The Clinton Cabal, including the Media talking heads and Hillary surrogates, did such a good job of convincing the public that Trump is a perverted monster who eats babies, we now have a swath of the population who live in fear of his victory. And not because of anything that Trump did.  The Media and the Clinton Cabal fabricated this monster, albeit unsuccessfully, and they now want to remove our ability to speak truth to their deceitful power.

We’re supposed to get all puckered-up over ordinary people tweeting and posting things that may be false, but the Major News outlets whom we trust for accurate and fairly reported information are allowed to spin, advocate and directly lie to America, yet not a single word is mentioned about the dire need to rein-in this run-amok bastard of blatant hypocrisy. This type of misbehavior by the complicit media during a presidential election is high treason against America. It is this treachery that must be stopped, not the free exchange of ideas between people on the internet.

How about not hectoring Joe Blow about his Facebook opinions, and instead making certain that the professional, paid reporters stop screwing over conservative America with their RICO-conspired DNC-lie-slanted Pravda-esqe propagandizing?

Our coastal cognoscenti and Hollyweird gitterati, the D.C. denizens and Big Apple Media mavens would do well to learn something from all of this. We, the people are no longer your puppets to jerk around, nor will we ever be again. We are on to you. You do not fool us. You no longer control us. You would do well to fear us, for without us, you cease to exist.

The Media would do well to constrain your worst selves in order that you continue to be allowed your special press privileges and protections. These will henceforth be offered to only those News outlets which will openly acknowledge, recognize, and honor all that this sacred public contract implies. The world is changing rapidly. Many will get left behind. Your fate is in your wretched hands. What is not yours to control any more is our Voice.

We’ll decide if and when and how to use that. You might have noticed that this was already the case… if you had simply bothered to look. Don’t waste your time and ours fretting that some individuals may post inaccurate facts or unpleasant opinions on social media. That’s Free Speech, and you better pray we keep it. For once it is gone, so are all of you.

Can you hear me now?

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