President-Elect Trump Saves 1000 Carrier Jobs in Time for the Holidays


One of the core beliefs of the Tea Party is that of pro-domestic employment. While on the campaign trail, President-Elect Trump, promised to bring manufacturing jobs back to America. He also promised to keep American companies that are here now, from moving out. While we were enjoying our Thanksgiving feasts with our loved ones, President-Elect Trump was hard at work.  On Thanksgiving Day, Carrier tweeted confirming the fact that they had been in talks with the President-Elect.  Then, on November 29, 2016, Carrier tweeted that they reached a deal to save about 1000 jobs.






While many people cheered, there were the naysayers and liberal loud mouths decrying this accomplishment.



It is time for a miniature economics lesson. Government stimulus packages do not truly work. It is a temporary solution to a growing problem. Government stimulus also adds to the growing budget. Additionally, it creates deficit spending. The Tea Party stands firmly against government stimulus packages and deficit spending. Creating government jobs does not do enough to help the economy, because it adds to the government’s already bloated budget. Look at it this way, if you had a business that was hemorrhaging money, you probably would not continue to hire more people. This is one reason why the federal government should not keep creating government jobs. That would be counter-intuitive.  The only way to stimulate the economy is by ensuring that Americans have good paying private sector jobs.

Creating private sector jobs will help the government on many levels and eventually raise the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). When people have good paying jobs, they do not depend on federal means tested entitlements (i.e. food stamps and welfare). This helps reduce the bloated budget. The federal government will also be able to collect tax money on this income (even after a reduction in personal income tax). When people have good paying jobs, they spend money, not just on necessities but their wants. The more people spend there will be more jobs. This is why it is important to save American jobs. It also makes it essential  to repatriate businesses. That is why we need to become energy independent. This is why you also have to do your job and look for the “Made in America” label.

Congratulations President-Elect Trump, you are not even in office yet, and you are out saving jobs!


  1. I was reading a post about the Trump and Carrier deal on CNN and the reaction was crazy, those liberal lunatics are actually mad about this. Liberals would rather see hard working americans lose their jobs, It baffles my mind , I actually think I lost IQ points just from reading the comments.

  2. Why would saving jobs make anyone mad? These people are going crazy. Liberal lunatics and the Never Trumpers don't want what is best four our country.