Ohio State

Ohio State

Ohio StateOhio State presents a paradox. On December 7, 1941 America was attacked. There are Americans, still living, who are still mad about that. A couple days ago a Muslim jihadist rammed a bunch of kids at Ohio State University with his car and then proceeded to chop them with a machete, and the media, politicians, and law enforcement are telling us that they are trying to figure out a “motive.” Now, as usual, I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but did I miss something here? Pamela Geller addressed this well in her video.

We are not talking about some fundamentalist Mormon who wants forty-seven wives here, we’re talking about a theology that wants to kill everyone in sight, and bring our entire civilization down. We are admonished to accept, look away, and ignore this group out of the fear of being “politically incorrect.” While they lurk among us, wearing that weird garb, we aren’t even permitted to question their motives, and when the situation eventually erupts into violence (which is always does) we are lied to, stories are covered up, and we aren’t even allowed to consider protecting and defending ourselves even as more of these “people” stream into the country courtesy of a malfunctioning administration bent on the ultimate destruction of all that WE hold holy!

While these “immigrants” clog our cities, and wag their tongues, it has become fashionable to make fun of Christians, insult Christ, and enact laws that rail against American values, yet we dare not even draw a picture of their “prophet.” The American people have become used to the idea of this being normal. But, times, they are a changing.

The liberal left has voiced fears of retribution for the last eight years being exacted upon them, and at first, I dismissed that idea out of hand, but of late, I can see this as a distinct possibility of that coming about, and the Ohio State incident is not helping matters one bit! That having been said, we simply can NOT allow this to continue out of some misguided “correctness!” Our children’s blood cries out from the ground.

Remember that pendulum I told you about? Well, it’s swinging all the way to the right. It will take that in order to restore America to at least some semblance of sanity. Some things that will occur over the next few years will be “over the top.” Notice I said “will,” not “may.” As a Texan, I know that what happened in Ohio demands a violent reprisal. Goes with the territory. When it comes about it will feel so darn JUST that more will invariably follow. We, as conservative Christians just need to make sure that we don’t all end up at a trial in Nuremburg!

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