Is The Romney Controversy Just Fake News


President Elect Trump is carefully narrowing down his list of Cabinet posts in recent weeks. Of the many people loyal to him, he has taken the rather controversial step of giving Mitt Romney multiple interviews for the crucial position of Secretary of State.

This move has gleefully been reported by some news networks to have caused dissension within his own ranks.

Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has reported to various news outlets that she is getting a lot of feedback from people at the grassroots level, unhappy about the potential for Romney to become the new SoS. Conway commented,

“People are saying they’ll feel betrayed if Romney was chosen…You want a secretary of state who’s loyal.”

Trump had won states that Republicans had not won in recent years, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Pennsylvania. Phenomena such as this is an indicator that the country has hope for a different type of leadership. For most, that leadership doesn’t include Mitt Romney.

Though President-Elect Trump appears to throw Romney an olive branch, it’s difficult to forget the past.

For example, Romney has referred to candidate Donald Trump as “a phony, a fraud … He’s playing members of the American public for suckers.” Further, he added, “If we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished.”

One has to wonder if Romney was meant to be a poison pill? A poison pill is a business tactic utilized by companies to prevent hostile takeovers. Essentially, you choose a person who, while undesirable to you, would appease others seeking to destroy you. Why should Trump care about his detractors, as they still choking on his dust?

Another problem Trump’s base is experiencing is that Trump appears eager to take care of those who opposed him. He appears less vindictive to a base who supported him vehemently. They require their pound of flesh from those who ridiculed them.

Perhaps this is just typical Trump showmanship. Entertain Romney. Get people talking, then move along, sans Romney.

From this vantage point, it appears that Trump trots Romney out to remind people of the horse who couldn’t finish the race. Romney is in large part the reason the Republicans struggled in the last election. He ran from his wealth, something Trump touted. And there were many other reasons Romney lost, reasons that remind many Republicans why we supported Trump.

One other possibility exists. The media could have simply trumped up this story. Who can believe the media these days?

It would not surprise anyone to learn that the media created “fake news” in order to stir up controversy with Republicans. They floated Romney to see how many RINO loyalists remained in the ranks.

Think about it, but how many stories have you heard about Conway’s apparent disagreement with Trump? She’s been public about this, and then we get what Trump said from the media. Since when has Donald Trump been shy about his feelings on an issue?


  1. Maybe Donald and Romney have things in common. Romney is much wealthier than Donald.
    When Romney ran for his life from Cuba in the late 1990s when his drug cartel had trouble it’s said Bain Capital was valued at $70 Billion clean laundered money.
    Romney also is heavily invested in gambling casinos.
    Rumor is Romneys wealth could be 10 times the laundered amount or $700 Billion.
    Romney is said to still maintain a top spot in the drug import business and maintains many business property’s in Mexico that act as freight forwarders.
    Romney has shown enough anger at Donald to remove him so it’s anyone’s guess what Donald is thinking.
    It really doesn’t look good to send out a Sec of State who runs a drug cartel but a man has to stay alive if he can.
    The way Romney has attacked leaves little doubt he intends to bring Donald down one way or another.
    Guess it’s up to Donald. Hand the office to the drug cartels or die. This is one tough country.