Liberals Agree To Waste Taxpayers’ Money On Michigan Recount!



On December 1, 2016, Michigan Secretary of State stated that President-Elect Trump and his campaign filed an objection to the recount petition to the State Board of Canvassers. The State Board of Canvassers had a maximum of five days to determine whether to move ahead with the hand recount. The Board of Canvassers announced on Friday, December 2, that they are in a deadlock. Two Democrat canvassers voted to move ahead with the recount. Two Republican canvassers voted to scrap the recount based on the legal objections. In accordance to state law, the recounts will move forward. However, earlier on Friday the Michigan attorney general filed a lawsuit to stop the recounts.


Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s lawsuit comes on the heels of the deadlock between The Board of Canvassers. Some prominent Democrats claim that his action is a strictly partisan move. However, Attorney General Schuette states that his actions are pure. He claims that he is filing his lawsuit on behalf of all citizens of Michigan. Attorney General Schuette claims that Jill Stein’s petition is frivolous and costly. He is not alone in this feeling. Michigan Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson, stated in a press release, that there is no evidence of hacking. There is also quite a bit of concern over the cost related to this arduous task.


The cost of the recount could be upwards of five million dollars.  Jill Stein has only paid the $973,250 filing fee.  The State of Michigan would have to pick of the remaining costs. When asked about the remaining costs, Jill Stein quipped, “Democracy is not free.” In other words, you know democracy is not free, but want others to pay for it. You are completely happy wasting taxpayer dollars for a frivolous recount of an election where you received one percent of the vote!  You are right about one thing, Jill Stein: democracy is not free! Our democracy does have a very high price tag. It has come at the price of all of those that service in our armed forces. You know, that military you wanted to destroy with a huge budget cut of fifty percent, as you presented in your platform.